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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm cropping this weekend. I'm going to try as hard as I can NOT to overpack, to bring what I need, and only what I need (with just a little bit extra 'cause Lord knows I can't go cold turkey from over-packing!). It's National Scrapbooking Day, and I'm lucky enough to be able to spend the day with my Morris County Scrapbooking MeetUp Group friends. The event runs from 9am through 10pm, but I'll be leaving around 4-ish. DH has a track and field event for Special Olympics so he'll be gone all day. What a nice co-inky-dink!

I am feeling the need for a haircut. I'm going to try to grow my hair into a longer style, perhaps something from slightly less than shoulder length to perhaps shoulder length. It means cuts and trims more often to urge my hair into a semblance of a style, rather than the "blah" that it is. I've been so bored with my hair for so long that I'm so looking forward to this! I hope that my new hairdresser (recommended by my friend E) can do the trick. She sure sounded like she understood when I went there last month... I will be calling today for a haircut, and I hope she can fit me in on Thursday night...

Tomorrow I will be taking a 1/2 day so that I can go up to the lake and pick up the permit applications we need to begin working on the house. I found out yesterday that
(a) they frown on faxing or mailing applications - they really prefer you to have to take a day off from work and go in person,
(b) the permits will cost somewhere between $46 and $2000, depending on the type of work we're doing (HEY, town! We're not putting in a road, for cryin' out loud!!!),
(c) I have to get a permit for building, electrical, plumbing, propane installation (which I absolutely insist on so I can have, at some time in my near future, a gas stove there - I can't even boil water on that electrical stovetop!), and
(d) we have to make a decision about a builder SOON.

We went on a 2.5 mile walk the other day, including going up the Allwood Road hill between Main Avenue and Passaic Avenue (while on my cell phone - this could have contributed to my early demise if the hill was much longer!). While walking we saw another contractor. We took the number. I did make the point that the longer we keep waiting for and getting estimates, the longer it will take to make a decision and the longer it will be before they can start construction. In the ideal world, I'd like to have the shell up and windowed and roofed and Tyvek'd by the end of August... Please, God...

The weather has begun to change. Yesterday it got to 80 degrees, but the wind rushing through the streets of town as I walked to the bus stop and to the school was incredible! It about took my head off! It was a warm wind, but the dust and pollen was blown into your eyes and ears, and every other exposed orifice! It was very uncomfortable, I must say. I had to stop a couple of times to let my eyes tear and clear the dust. And I hadn't taken my allergy medicine, so thank goodness it was more dust than pollen!

We took the motorcycle to my SIL's house last night. I felt a little silly on the way there, in the sun, wearing my light down jacket (it was, after all, April 30!) but on the way home, I was glad I had it zippered up to my chin! The wind was cool, not winter cold, but cool enough for me to appreciate the jacket. I hope DH is listening - we need gas in the motorcycle! We will run out on the next trip. I'm going on record.

Tonight is walk/exercise time. Yuk. But it must be done. I have literally one month to do something with my fat arms. Everyone says I can make a difference in a month, as long as I exercise. (I wonder how long recovery from liposuction takes... hmmm...)

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