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Friday, December 20, 2013

Holy Moly, It's Been a While!

I haven't posted anything since November 14th.

Anybody still out there?

Considering how utterly boring my life is (wake up, shower, go to work, work, go home, sleep, repeat), the past month has been a bit overwhelming.

I may have mentioned my new job.  Well, it's turning into more of a career than a job, not that I was looking for a career at age 53...  It's just requiring a lot more daily work; there's no sliding, no easy day, no day when I can just let things sit 'cause I'll have plenty of time to do it (whatever "it" is) tomorrow.  No, I work.  I work many more hours a day than I used to --- and I'm not particularly happy about it!

I planned on winning the MegaMillions jackpot so I could retire for Christmas.  What an awesome gift to myself THAT would have been!  But I didn't win.  Not even $10.  Nothing.  Nada.  Nil.  Zip.  Squat.  Zero.  Not even the cost of my ticket.

So I still have to work.  And if I wasn't charged with posting it all on SalesForce.com, I'd be okay with the workload.  But trying to incorporate all this additional detail-work, record-keeping, into my workflow?  Nope, not doing too well at it.  I'm really going to try to do better.  Actually, it's not an option.  I have to do better or get slapped on the wrist for it at my annual review.

And then there's my knee.  And my knee surgery.  And my wondering at the last minute, in the waiting room at the surgical center, if it was a good idea to go through with it.  (For the record, yes, yes it was!)  I'm in physical therapy twice a week right now, and I'm thinking I really will have to go to the gym a couple of times a week at least post-PT.  While for the most part I'm pain-free now, I have to work back up to my normal level of strength, and it does get stiff and tight really easily...

Have I mentioned holidays?  Thanksgiving, although I don't have to do much, just 5 lbs of mashed potatoes and a salad, is a big deal for me.  And Christmas?  If it's not moving, it gets decorated in my house.  I even have a hat for my husband, for when he stops long enough for me to plop it on his head!  I'm WAY behind in my decorating, what with (a) a late Thanksgiving, (b) my 35th high school reunion on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, (c) my surgery on 12/5, plus recovery, (d) PT 2 days a week, (e) my birthday, and (f) gift shopping for Christmas.

My living room/library looks like who did it and ran, to use a phrase I learned as a child, which as an adult makes no sense, but I use it anyway...  I have boxes and ornaments and the detritus of everyday living just strewn around the floor, the coffee table, the end tables, the chair and sofas, and the dining room table.  My kitchen is a wreck and needs a thorough straightening up post-holiday cooking, pre-Christmas Eve party, which pretty much means the afternoon of the 24th, before my shower, before my guests, but after my cooking.  And just 'cause we haven't been there in a month, we're going to the lake this weekend.

Anyone have another 24 hours in a day they can lend me for the next 5 days?

We have family to see, friends to see, places to go...  And not nearly enough time to do it all.  But that's part of the wonder of the holiday.  When it gets right down to it, I have a spare room or two I can throw things into and then I can shut the door and no one will know what's behind Door # Messy.  I'm off until January 6, so I have some time to sort of week through that stuff that doesn't get put away but gets hidden away, so hopefully I'll be the proud owner of a clean and organized home sometime over the next two weeks.  Maybe not in time for Christmas, but certainly by the time I go back to work.  And in all honesty, isn't that what we all want?  To come home from work to a neat and clean home?

My knee feels okay today, but my head is throbbing, like a sinus pressure throb.  J is sick with diarrhea and an upset stomach (yay), my mom was a bit under the weather, too - and they both got sick after my birthday dinner.  (NO, I didn't cook!  We went out together.)  We all had different entrees, but shared french fries and dipping sauces.  I never even had a twinge of not feeling well, so I don't know what it is...  What I DO know is he'd better get well quick and keep his germs to himself.  I have a party to prepare for!

I got a beautiful hand knitted/crocheted infinity cowl from my sister P - in the most beautiful shade of purple!  It arrived in time for my birthday, and today it's going to be 53 degrees, and it will be CLOSE TO 70 DEGREES by Sunday.  This is NJ, for crying out loud!  It's supposed to be cold.  Okay, it doesn't have to be Arctic-ly frigid, but 69 degrees???  Really?  And then 32 by Monday?  Yea, I'm going to be sick over the holidays, I just know it...  But as long as I make it through Christmas Day, I have a HUGE pile of books and some more lined up on my Kindle so I'm ready.  And cable is paid for...  Bring it on!  NOT!

Today's my last day in the office until January 6, so I'd better go.  Happy Holidays to you all, and I'll try to catch up with some holiday posts and photos in the next couple of weeks...

HO, HO, HO!!!