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Friday, May 25, 2007

Teachers gone wild!

We found out one of the teachers involved in the brouhaha was M's ex!!! But we know nothing else - DH is on a mission to get the details or G will be on his case!

We have a 12:30 dismissal today - 1/2 an hour earlier than DH, so E and I will walk over to the school. I offered to drive her to her car at the train station since the next train for her after 12:30 is at 2:30 and it's a local; she'd be getting home at 4pm-ish. That's NOT the time to get home when you have a 1/2 day!!!

We're off to the lake for the long weekend - I really need to come up with a name for the lakehouse... Other homes have cool names: Sunset Point, Cow Tongue Point, Air Castle Isles,... I want something a bit more exotic than "the lakehouse" but not so pretentious as to sound snooty... I'm taking suggestions...

I'll be sans computer 'til Tuesday, later in the morning. I'm volunteering at the school on Tuesday so that means a late arrival.

Eat lots of healthy BBQ (is there really such a thing?!?) and enjoy the holiday!

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