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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Books - delivered to your house.
Left on the front step, just inside the screen door.
Books about scrapbooking - Ali Edwards' A Designer's Eye for Scrapbooking and Denise Pauley's Organization Tips for Scrapbookers. Of course, you could drop off books about almost anything and it would make me a happy camper...
I love books. I love to read. I would rather read than, well, do almost anything else.

Is there anything better than the book fairy just dropping them on your doorstep? It's like magic! All of a sudden I have new books to read, pictures to browse through, ideas to steal (copy!), and without an ounce of expended energy! No driving to the bookstore, searching for a parking space, waiting for a seat in the cafe (which involves stalking innocent readers until they feel guilty for taking up seats that could be providing this middle-aged-but-in-denial-about-it-woman with a place to rest her weary bones), standing on line for long minutes only to be served by a child who's 1/3 your age and has never read a book in his or her life...

Nope, I like it much better when the book fairy drops them off at the house... Hmmm... If it was December, I'd think it was Santa, but it's May... (If it's May, it must be the Book Fairy!)

We met with J the plumber last night (K's friend) and he had to estimate a price for the permit application: $3500. That's $300 cheaper than the other plumber, and DH says he's a fanatic about his work so it will be worth it. Obviously he'll give us a little bit of a break... so that was a financially sound move, deciding to go with him. Which is good - he found more work that has to be done or we won't pass inspection - for instance, your kitchen sink must be vented. Guess what. That "construction" guy who built it? Uh-uh, no vent. Oh, I forgot - he was a cheap construction guy... Ahhhh...

Tonight DH will call L the electrician (and one of our 2 best men). I know he'll help us out, too, with a price and I think DH should call his cousin A about the wiring for cable and phone... Just so we have everything we need done while the walls are open. I don't need the house wired for sound, but cable and computer and phone? Yes. For sure.

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