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Thursday, May 03, 2007

It was a bright sunny day. I left work early because in their infinite wisdom, the town requires I pick up my permit applications in person. So I picked up Mom and we left for the lake. I was in the Zoning Office for literally 5 minutes. 5 minutes!! That's how long it took for them to hand me 4 permit applications and mark each one of them up in exactly the same places to show me what I had to fill in and what the contractor had to complete. I am not stupid. I can read. If it says "Homeowner" I have to fill it out. If it says, "Contractor stamp/seal here," the contractor has to complete that part. Duh!

Then we went to QuickChek for lunch - I was starving. Then we went to Target, en route to the dentist. I bought another acrylic stamp set - doodle-style lower case alphabet. Then we went to Dr. M. Chris told me my teeth looked great - clean, very little build up - I'm doing a good job taking care of them. Yay!

I have a story from Sunday... When we got home from the lake, I picked up Mom and we went to Shop Rite. At one point, 3/4 through my shopping, I was near the bakery department. I was pushing my cart slowly behind an older gentleman (and I take that word back later on!!!). He was carrying his basket behind his back, perpendicular to his body. All of a sudden, without warning, he stopped! I tapped the basket. Literally. Not bumped, tapped. I didn't knock him over to the floor, or snap a bone or push him off balance. I directed my cart around him to the left and as I passed him, I looked him in the eye, smiled, and said, "I'm sorry!"

As I got in front of him, I hear him say, "What an idiot!"

I lost it. I turned around and confronted him. "I apologized. What more can I do?"

He said, "You're still an idiot."

So that was it. I replied with, "I'm not as idiotic and rude as you are, thank goodness! At least I didn't stop in the middle of the aisle for no reason!" Then as I walked off, I was muttering under my breath about how some people are so rude...

There was no reason for that. Had I pushed past him without apologizing, and I spoke to him - I didn't just apologetically grimace or nod in his direction. I said the words out loud, to his face, meeting his eyes. "I'm so sorry." What part of an apology don't you get, old man? How rude!!! That literally set me off for the remainder of the afternoon!!!

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