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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm taking a 1/2 day off from work today to run some errands, not the least of which is picking up permits from the boro for building, plumbing, electric and propane.

Permits which they can't send via the USPS or fax to me. Permits I have to pick up in person. Permits which I can't fill out until I get the memorialization from the upcoming Board meeting (which means I'll have them way earlier than necessary to fill them out). Permits I can't pay for 'cause they don't know how much they will be ("somewhere between $46 and $2000, depending on the work you have done").

It just seems to me that this little batch of bureaucracy could run a bit smoother. Can you say "red tape"?

Mom is going for the ride with me. We have Dr. M. appointments this afternoon, at 5pm and 5:15pm. I just have a cleaning. They're finishing Mom's root canal (we hope!). When we're done, I'll call DH and see if he wants to go out to dinner, rather than cook something which won't be ready for who-knows-how-long 'cause he'll be getting in just as we're leaving the Dr's office. He did take soup out of the freezer last night and we put it in the microwave to defrost. And we left it there. Rats! Completely forgot to put it in the refrigerator!

We went for another 2+-mile walk last night. But this time, we went DOWN the Allwood Road hill, instead of up it! I was much less dead when we got home! We saw a couple of our neighbors going the other way (yes, they were heading uphill!). Tonight is arms in the basement - I've mentioned it too many times to try to get out of it... Double rats!!

Well, 'tis time to work...

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