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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Is on Her Way

Did my hurricane prep over the past few days... water, lots of water, milk, bread, tuna, peanut butter, a roasted chicken, cabbage for cole slaw, peppers and onions and wraps... We have a gas stove so I bought matches; we will be able to heat up anything on the stove even if we loss power. I'll be setting up candles in the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. When it's time to go to sleep, we'll go to sleep. Everything is charged: phones, laptop, Kindles. Pump is set up, wet vac is ready: of course this is only a plus if we don't lose power. See you in a day or two. Stay safe.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'll be starting these books this week...

Looking forward to making Simple Abundance a daily read, and can't wait to start the other two as well. Susannah Conway is an Instagram pal, and I follow Dr. Brown as well (on Twitter). I've been feeling the need to appreciate what I have more consciously, and I'm sure a bit more introspection won't steer me wrong!

I have a stack of new fiction to plow through as well; guess I'll be cutting back on my television (except for my must sees!!)... I admit I'm a TV addict but I'm feeling the need to read!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Miscellaneous October

1. Reading JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy - So far a tough go. There are NO similarities to any HP characters!
2. Loved these gold flats from PayLess. Asked J what he thought and he didn't like them so I didn't buy them. Going back to the store later this week to get them.
3. Yes, I am THAT customer. I'm $200 poorer but I own makeup that makes me glow... (See photo below!)
4. Made chicken cutlets today, in an effort to eat out less. Are you sitting down? This is the first time I've made them! I've made fried eggplant. I've baked chicken breasts. But this is the first time I fried up some chicken cutlets. The first batch? Perfect. The second batch? Burned. The third batch? Perfect.
5. Went to Outback on Saturday night. We shared some hot wings and a Bloomin' Onion. Yum!!!
6. If the photo of my new Sak is sideways, sorry! Can't figure out how to fix that in the Blogger mobile app...
7. Love these lamps from JCPenny, especially the owl one! But I like that empty glass base, too...
8. That glowing face I mentioned above... My skin looks much younger than its 51-almost-52-years...

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Romney vs. Obama #1

Personally I think Romney blew Obama out of the water, but content-wise, I don't think there was all that much new on either side.

Almost more interesting were the Tweets... Twitter said 4million Tweets were posted during the debate!

I didn't expect Romney to be warm and approachable. He might very well be a very loving man with his family, friends and parishioners but the bottom line is he comes across as a bit of a stuffed shirt. (Perhaps it's his mom jeans... Just kidding!). That said, he *was* strong and confident, speaking TO the President directly.

Obama, however, didn't look at Romney when he spoke; he probably looked at Lehrer 95% of the time... Hash tag #lostwithouthisteleprompter! I think he was a bit surprised by Romney, and that, plus the fact that he's not a good extemporaneous speaker? Definite disadvantage this time out...

I hope the next couple of debates are stronger, content-wise.

And just two comments about Jim Lehrer: did he have an eye lift?!? I found his buggy eyes very distracting. I don't remember him looking like that before... And I don't think he had control of the candidates.

Ryan vs. Biden 10/11/12. I REALLY dislike Biden and have since I met him while I was in college. My family and I were walking along the Green and Biden did his big smile/handshake thing with my dad (completely ignoring my mom, btw). When my dad said we weren't Delaware residents, he just walked away! No "thanks, anyway" or "hope you vote in your home state." Nothing!! Rude, condescending, ignorant... And I'll never change my mind...