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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All better!

Surprisingly I had no trouble with the tooth extraction and bone graft. No swelling. No pain. No bleeding. No misery. I like that kind of medical/dental procedure.

I went in for my 1 week follow-up visit yesterday and they asked me if I wanted to be the new poster child for tooth extractions! I said, "Sure, if I don't have to pay for the rest of this procedure." Stopped 'em dead in their tracks! They complimented me and said I was quick with a retort! Mmm-hmm, I am!

Well, we're less than two weeks away from DD's engagement party. Got some disappointing news today: some dear friends of ours won't be able to come from MA to join us (hi, Mrs. B!). The rest of the family, though, will be there. Except of course for my one sister, who has yet to RSVP. I asked her about it yesterday and her response was, "Er, I think we'll be there..." And your kids? My niece and nephew? "Oh, yeah, I sort of forgot about them!"

Now I know they've been giving my sister a hard time, but she just seems to me to want to forget she's a mom. Well, she can't. She brought them into this world, and like it or not, trouble and conflict or not, they are her kids. And I know one of these days I'm going to say something to her and she's not going to like it and we're going to be estranged while she's pissed as heck at me! But while the kids are 19 and 17 and hard to control, admittedly, I still think she's contributed to her own problems, and it doesn't help that she "forgets" about them. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that those two kids know she'd rather be with her boyfriend than with them. She's chosen more than once to do things for him and his kids, at the expense of her own family. She's chosen more than once to spend time doing for them, and not doing for her own kids. And I know they hold that against her sometimes. All the time in my nephew's case. And he's messed up enough with his feelings for his deadbeat dad (remind me to tell you about HIM sometime!).

Anyway, enough whining! Tomorrow is son-in-law-to-be's birthday and I bought him a Yankees doormat. We'll pick up a gift certificate to a local restaurant, too - they like to go out and this way they can have a little bit'o'fun on the ole' parental units...

Today I'm leaving work a bit early to go to a volunteer meeting at the primary school where my husband works. You may remember I read there during the school year, once a week, every other week. I've really missed it this summer! (Next summer I hope to do it with my little neighbor, when he's old enough to sit still and listen to a story!) The meeting is at 2:30; we're walking over there at around 2pm. The meeting will run until about 3:30 and we'll go upstairs with our assigned teachers to see their rooms and exchange phone/email information. I hope they kept me with the same teacher; she's moved from first grade to second this school year. (Yay! Just found out my former work neighbor has volunteered this year, too! We're going to walk over to the school together!)

My mom is recuperating. She's still bruised - really bruised - from her belly button down to the tops of her thighs, all around her entire body. I had no idea the stent surgery would be so traumatic to her body! But she came out with us last night and visited with my sister-in-law. It was the first time she was out, except for her one doctor's visit, since the surgery!

So J has been taking some pictures during After-School to hang in the gym. I'm sorry to say his pictures are better than the ones I take! It helps that he's taking photos of the kids in the schoolyard so there's great color and great lighting as they play on the swingset and the slide, etc. But J's shots all have an element of movement to them; he tilts the camera on an angle. I spend so much time lining things up and trying to make them centered and straight - I want to take a photography class! (Just thought I'd throw that in there for no good reason!)

Well, I think it's time I do a little work, before we leave for school! More soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My all time favorite Dooce blog post is...

One foot in front of the other.

For the record. So that I don't ever forget.

Piece of Cake!!!

WARNING: grossness below, in reference to my bone graft....

I had a lower molar extracted yesterday, and a bone graft done in its place.

Now, if you know me, you know that I rarely admit to any nervousness or fear; I usually plow right through, thinking positively, sure that all will be just fine.

The body, however, doesn't lie.

I guess, in response to the stress of my mom's surgery, and the impending extraction and graft, my body finally said, "Uh-uh. We're done. Take a rest."

Aside from some period-related symptoms that were a week early (sorry, guys!), on Saturday we drove up to the lake for the weekend. After a wonderful dinner Friday night, I woke up with a sore throat. And at the lake, I slept all day. Until 7pm. At night. From around 10:30am. In the morning. That is unheard of for me!!! Unless I'm really sick, I can't sleep during the day. And not 'cause I'm never tired - it's just that when it's light out, I can't sleep.

Well, I couldn't. Before. Obviously I can now. Because I did. For eight-and-a-half hours.

So we went home; Jack thought I'd recover better at home. We went to church Sunday morning, I spent a relatively quiet afternoon at home, did a little food shopping, made some Caribbean chicken for dinner, and we watched some TV and went to bed.

I got up yesterday morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, went to the oral surgeon's office, not nervous at all. Yeah, right. My blood pressure was 158/90. Not nervous. Sure, Krys... My usual BP is 120/80. BIG difference! Even the nurse said not to worry, that if they take it after the procedure, it'll most likely be back to normal.

And it went so smoothly. I can't believe it. I've had an extraction done before, by this same doctor and that one went well, too, but it wasn't followed up with a bone graft. Now I had to decide last week: synthetic, cow or cadaver. I lit up like a Christmas tree - "Synthetic!"

Until I looked at the doctor's face. He looked crestfallen. I just knew what he was going to tell me so I said, "Okay, just do what's best, but we'll never discuss it out loud again." And he smiled and proceeded to assure me that there was no risk of infection or disease, that my healing would be much easier and much faster... "That's okay - no discussion. Just do what you have to do."

So that's how I got "Fred" in my head. I had to name it, you know. Mom asked if I knew anything about the person... "NO! All bones are white and all blood is red! I don't want to know anything else!!"

I didn't know until this past Sunday (thanks, Bob!) that they use pulverized bone for the bone graft. I had visions of a piece of "Fred" just getting glued in place...

Okay, grossness over!

The whole procedure went so well. So far, so good. No swelling, virtually no pain or soreness. No bleeding. I LOVE Dr. V!!! If you're local here in the Passaic/Essex county area and you need a good oral surgeon, just contact me! I know a GREAT one!!!

Well, it's time to get back to work - I am, after all, at work... More soon, everyone!

Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick

Just heard Patrick Swayze died.

So sad.

He was sick for so long, fought the hard fight for so long.

But what hurts the most is what his poor wife will be going through. They were so obviously in love with each other - I can't imagine what she is feeling now.

I remember when my dad died, I was at the wake, talking to a work friend, and my mom walked over and reprimanded me for "socializing" at my father's wake. (Apparently I had been looking like I was enjoying myself a little too much.)

I admit I got a bit annoyed, but then Eric said something I'll never forget. He told me not to worry about my mom, not to be embarrassed - that her husband had died and of course she was upset.

So I jumped down his throat and said, "My FATHER died. I'M upset, too!"

But he said - wait for it, here it comes: "It's different for you, Krys. He was your dad. You didn't pick him. Your mom? She chose that man to spend the rest of her life with, to have a life with, to have children with. She chose him over all others. Of course you love your dad, but it's a different love than the love between your mom and your dad, and you have to understand that. If my wife died, as much as we fight like cats and dogs, I'd miss her with all my heart, there'd be a huge hole in my life that no one else could fill. It's different."

And I never forgot that. Such thought-provoking words, so simple though. And that was my first thought with the announcement that Patrick Swayze had died. "His poor wife." Of course, he's not suffering any more. But, oh, his poor wife...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009 - A Recap

So nothing's ever easy...

I took the 11:20am train from Hoboken to Lake Hopatcong, with a transfer scheduled for 1pm in Dover. We got in to Dover at 12:47. The 1pm train never came. We waited and I checked the schedule and called Customer Service and guess what! The next train was 3:19pm! I called Jack and he came to pick me up - thanks for not making me wait, hon!!!

We spent Saturday and Sunday outside on the lake, cutting down trees and paddleboating and suntanning, and then had dinner at the Olive Garden (mmm!) on Sunday. We went back to the house, and laid down to watch some TV on our one channel. Jack fell asleep right away and I turned the TV off at 10:30pm and was out cold by 10:45! That's unheard of for me!!! I slept in 'til the ungodly hour of 8:10am on Monday and by then, of course, 1/2 the day was over! We came home, did 4 loads of laundry, went to Shop Rite, and had Mom over for dinner. Then we watched a little TV, and went to bed, ready to start this short (thank God!) week!

A few of the hightlights:
  1. Jack was cutting down that tree I mentioned, and part of the trunk fell onto his toe. We're talking a major blood blister here!
  2. Then I was walking of the house and tripped on the mat. It's a good thing the screen door doesn't latch closed too securely or I'd have been cut in half by the screen door frame as I went careening through it, arms and legs windmilling to catch my balance. Totally hurt my big toe - sympathy pains for Jack? Nope. Just clumsy!
  3. Ordered invitations for the engagement party we're throwing for my daughter - ordered them online. They looked great in the photo - hope they come out as nice in person!
  4. Read a new Kathy Reichs book: 206 Bones. It was a good one. I sort of strayed away from a couple of her more recent books but this one caught my attention and I did enjoy it. That television show Bones is based on the main character in the series.
  5. Started Richard North Patterson's new book, The Spire. So far, it's great! Of course, I left it on the bed at the lake, and I'm halfway through it so I won't be able to finish it until next weekend at the earliest, possibly the weekend after that if we don't go to the lake next week!
  6. Ordered our new dryer - yay! No more hanging clothes to dry. Which, by the way, totally worked over the summer while Jack was home to put them out during the day and take them down when they were dry. But with both of us now gone all day at work, we need that dryer! It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow, don't know what time yet. Will have to reschedule if it's not first thing in the morning, 'cause of Mom's surgery.
  7. Packed up for my all day crop this weekend - 10am to 10pm on Saturday, all meals and snacks included. Will most likely leave soon after dinner... if Jack doesn't come to the lake but stays home to install the dryer, I'll have a 1/2 hour ride home at 10pm so I might leave a little earlier...
  8. Dinner out on 09/18 with the Credit Union - we always go to a nice restaurant.
  9. Possible dinner out on 10/8 with my old bosses and a couple of former coworkers - that will be fun so I hope the day works out for all of us!
Jack starts After-School on Wednesday, and my mom's having surgery that same day. She's having 2 stents put into arteries in her legs and hopefully staying in the hospital only one day or so - she's hoping to come home but I have a funny feeling she's going to be in there at least overnight... She's been 39 years old for a while now, so they might be a bit leery of her bouncing back from major surgery quite as easily as she used to...

We're going to meet one of the new fiance's parental units on Thursday - we're going to go to the Cheesecake factory for dessert. YUM! Have to plan a VERY light lunch and dinner that day!

Well, will be downloading some photos sometime this week, hopefully - will post a few here if they turn out okay...

More soon...