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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lent - a reason to keep some resolutions rather than deny myself something...

I've decided to give up cursing - my language is atrocious and needs massive improvement!
I've decided to do better at WW - I've been tracking my points better, and will continue to do so.
I've decided to exercise - still a hurdle, but I'm going to try my best. (I just hate it so much!)

So, Kevin came home, maybe not hale and hearty, but certainly better than when he went into the hospital. He's had a stress test since then - I'll have to find out how he did. Thank goodness he's better. According to the doctors (he updated us when we visited with him earlier this month!), this was 20 years in the making. And it could have been "the big one!" Thank you, God, for this wake-up call!

We primed Mom's bedroom - she's got a new bed being delivered early next month. I think she's decided on lavender with white trim for the walls. I want her to fix up her house. I'll get on over there soon and clean up some stuff for her... I really need to get into her attic, too, and go through all the "stuff" of mine that's accumulated there over the years...

C is in Puntacana with T. Happy vacation to her! The kids are home alone, which really makes me insane, but I'm not their mom and have been told that in no uncertain terms! The fun part? T's kids aren't home alone...

Tonight is a big Board meeting in town. They'll be introducing the two finalists for the position of superintendent. I'll pick up sandwiches for Jack and me so we can eat something before the meeting.

P's house was broken into last week. I can't imagine the feeling of violation, of seeing my things touched and disturbed. The theft was bad enough, but to have to live with knowing some stranger was in my home, touching my things... It would drive me bonkers! It's times like these that I wish P lived closer, but I know she's happy out there.

We're scheduled for a variance hearing before the town on April 11, then we can finally begin to make some decisions about the addition to the lake house. Now Jack is looking for cheaper and less permanent storage in the spare room. We'll see...