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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spuds is My New Hero

You know, I found Carrying a Cat by the Tail... on another one that I read regularly, Because I Said So.

If you have kids, read today's entry by Spuds - it's awesome!

Here's the part I read that really struck a chord with me (Spuds, if you're reading this, you are a wonderful father!!!):

"In my mind there are very few promises I can make to my children, but they are the most important promises. I promise I will love them, no matter what. I promise them that I will always be available for them when they are troubled or in need of support. I promise them that I will protect them, to the point of losing my own life if needed. I promise them that if they are lost, I will not rest until they are found. And, I promise my kids that I will support them in any road they choose to travel."

Now THAT, my friends, is a parent!!!

And the rest of the post, although a bit lengthy, is well-worth reading.  He talks about being there for all six of his kids (and he's a single dad who has custody of them all!) and how he does it, without promising what he can't, or might not be able to, deliver.  When you think about it, one of the soapboxes I seem to get up on pretty often is The Entitlement Soapbox.  I can rant and rave with the best of them that we are not entitled to everything or anything, but that we have the opportunity to earn anything and everything.  Spuds makes a great point that it might not be such a great idea to promise trivialities to your kids, when the real world might make it impossible for you to deliver, but keeping a BIG promise, like his quoted above, well, that's the basis for raising your children well.

Okay, done preaching...  I was just seriously touched by his post today and felt like sharing...

Thankful Thursdays #3

Yes, I forgot about #2.  Get over it.  I've had a busy week, and while I didn't forget to thank God I was still kicking, I DID forget to post here last week...  ah, well, I'll beef this week's post up a bit...

I'm thankful for:

My health.  I've been suffering from pretty bad pain in my hips (and complaining about it here, so I think you're all pretty aware of it!), so bad that I up and went to an accupuncturist; I was willing to try (almost) anything.  I wasn't sure his needles were working, although there seemed to be some mild relief, or at least, a lessening of the severity of the pain.  Not only was he working directly on my hips, but he was working on my pain management centers, too.  During one of our meetings, he recommended that I take two capsules of turmeric daily; he said that he's been taking them for 15 years and even at his age (55/60-ish), he's joint-pain-free 90% of the time.  I bought the capsules at his office and promptly forgot about them.  Until I got an email from our friend A a month later, who raved about how she read about the turmeric on my blog, tried it, and is pain free!  I don't think I finished reading her email before I was running upstairs to take one!  It's been a few weeks, and all of a sudden I realized my arthritic fingers were really not hurting anymore, AND I walked up 4 flights of stairs the other day and my hips didn't hurt until the 4th flight!  AND when I get up from my chair, it's not taking me 10 or 20 feet to walk without stiffness and pain.  And let's just refer back a couple of blog posts to my elbow issues:  I am grateful for my health.  And I thank God every day for those aches and pains 'cause they mean I'm alive, BUT fewer of them might be nice...

My friends:  I have so many wonderful friends and even if they don't read this blog, they deserve a great big shout-out and a HUGE thank you!  C, S, M, L, K, P, C, T, C, P, J, J, A, and tons more that I should mention:  Thank you for being my friend.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  Thank you for loving me, tolerating me, building me up, and helping me when I need it.  I love you, each and every one of you.

My books:  Regardless of format, hardcover, trade paper, board or e-book, I thank you for the worlds you've opened up to me, for the words I've learned, the characters I've met, the places I've visited in your pages.  Thank you for entertaining me, educating me, keeping me occupied, never boring me...  (okay, except for that one textbook...)  Thank you for being a constant in my life, for bringing me comfort and easing my loneliness, for making me giddy with joy, and sad to the depths of my soul.  Thanks, too, to the authors of all those books, old and new, quality and not-so-good - you have all had an effect on me and I thank you for that.  Thanks for all the quotes I found hidden in your paragraphs.  Thanks for the recipes, the secrets, the instructions, the photographs and illustrations...  I love my books!

Print Books Still BMOC

See, I could still go to school and not have a headache for four years...

All kidding aside, I can actually see where certain e-books would be VERY useful in a college setting, although this article seems a bit slanted the other way, and even though I am semi-anti/semi-pro e-books, I guess you can spin numbers any way you want to put a certain slant on the data!

I still found the article interesting...

Print Books Still BMOC

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tamara Lowe at Christ Fellowship

This is an awesome couple of minutes. Listen to the end!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Today is my Blogoversary!!

I started blogging in 2006!!!  4 years of my life, committed to words and pictures and to cyberspace!!!
Glad you're along for the ride!!!

True Stories

Hello, if you're visiting from Shimelle's True Stories class!  And hello, even if you're not!!!

Today we started a new class, and I can't wait!!!  We're going to write.  Write about us, about our lives, our stories, what we want to put down to pen and paper, for future generations or for just us!  I've already dived into the Forums - LOVE those message boards!

I've been so busy lately that my blog has primarily been some quotes about books vs. e-books (if you scanned any of them you'll know I'm a die-hard book person!); I've been cutting and pasting some quotes that I've run across in my daily RSS feeds that strike a chord in the debate, just so my blog doesn't sit here, unloved, unused,... 

Perhaps with all the writing I'll be doing for Shimelle's class I'll get back into blogging...  I don't know that I'll transfer all my notes to the blog, but some of the stories will most likely make it here!

Here's a bit of an update...  I went home sick from work on Friday, chills, fever, and a wicked sinus headache.  So bad, in fact, that I didn't go out to a local bar to meet some girls from my high school class!  I know I disappointed them by not coming, but I swear, ladies, I'll be there next time!!!  I dosed myself up with some Advil Cold & Sinus, and went to sleep.  I woke up on Saturday with a left elbow the size of a plum!!!

You might remember, you 2 or 3 regular readers, you! that last year my doctor thought I might be suffering from gout, or pseudo gout.  After some blood work, it turned out that, no, I was not an older alcoholic man sitting in front of a fire with gout in my foot and a cane!  (That vision of a person with gout comes straight out of my Harlequin Historical Romance reading years!)  My blood work was normal; they thought perhaps it was just a flare up of arthritis or bursitis or some other -itis...

Well, I work up this past Saturday, as I mentioned, with an elbow that was the size of a plum, bright red, and HOT, HOT, HOT to the touch!  And my arm hurt so much I couldn't straighen it out.  So on Sunday I went to the Immedicenter and the small, young doctor told me that I had (drumroll, please!) cellulitis.  (Yes, another -itis!)

From Wikipedia: 
"Cellulitis is caused by a type of bacteria entering the skin, usually by way of a cut, abrasion, or break in the skin. This break does not need to be visible. Group A Streptococcus and Staphylococcus are the most common of these bacteria, which are part of the normal flora of the skin but cause no actual infection while on the skin's outer surface.

"Predisposing conditions for cellulitis include insect bites, blistering, animal bite, tattoos, pruritic (itchy) skin rash, recent surgery, athlete's foot, dry skin, eczema, injecting drugs (especially subcutaneous or intramuscular injection or where an attempted IV injection "misses" or blows the vein), pregnancy, diabetes and obesity, which can affect circulation, as well as burns and boils, though there is debate as to whether minor foot lesions contribute. Spider bites are also known to cause cellulitis."

The doctor told me right up front, before even examining me, that it was cellulitis.  I had all the classic symptoms:  inflammation, redness, and heat at the site.  He did examine me to make sure that I didn't have a spider bite or something, but no, just my usual dry cracked elbows!  Apparently it doesn't have to be an open cut to allow the bacteria in under your skin.  Lucky me!

He gave me a prescription for Bactrim and said if I don't see an improvement in 48 hours, I should take myself to the Emergency Room.  I did a literal double take!  For what?  Apparently there's a risk of a systemic infection if we can't nip it in the proverbial bud within 48 hours.  Thankfully I already have some relief after an injection yesterday of rocephin, an injection in my gluteus maximus, might I add!  I picked up my prescription and started my antibiotic this morning.  I'm also taking some Advil to help with the inflammation and the pain...  Ahhh, sweet relief!!!  Although I still can't lean on my left elbow and if I bump it, oh, do I see stars!!!

Anyway, I need to rush off and get back to work...  More blogging to come!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Piles of books... Wouldn't trade 'em for the world!

"I am holding books in my hands, in my lap, all day long--joyful things to behold, to hold onto--hefty and crisp. Even the uncorrected galleys have weight--the smell of paper and words.... One day I look at the pile and imagine they are all electronic books. Electronic books are eligible; it's possible I could be reading on a Kindle or a Nook or the poetically named Sony PRS-700. All this reading could be on a gray screen; I could be clicking buttons instead of turning pages. In the bookless future a few of these books predict, there would be no boxes, no piles....

"I would, of course, have gone mad, thrown the little plastic thing out the window long ago. The real glory of all these books is simply that they exist. They will endure in the world as solid things. I love the piles--the teetering, heavy, uneven piles, the cumbersome crowding of books thick and thin. These are piles of piled-up things, sculptured objects taking up room. No gray screen can honor the way font shape and space are designed to convey thought. Books inhabit the world in a way not unlike the way you and I do."

--Sallie Tisdale in her Oregonian article, "Duty as a judge for the National Book Awards requires a bit of juggling."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

Just wanted to make mention of the rescue of those 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in a mine for 69 days.

What a pleasure it was to watch a 24-hour news show that was positive and had a happy ending.  I teared up every time a miner was reunited with his wife, mom, son, mistress...  Even if that caused some stress and strain between family members, he was rescued, people!  It was a happy day in the Chilean neighborhood!!!

I think the news media should remember that all news isn't bad news.  Perhaps we all need a few more happy endings to watch on television, rather than all the blood and gore and murders and rapes and thefts and lies...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursdays #1

I missed last week's but have decided that I can, indeed, find things to be grateful for and I should, indeed, post them here for all to see.  (All 20+ of you who read this blog, that is!)

This is the brainchild of Elle's Studio and can I start by being grateful for their idea?!?  Take a visit over there to see what their readers are grateful for, but if you only have a minute or two, well...

I'm grateful for:

My family - Without them I wouldn't know what love is.  Unconditional love.  Love that is unswerving, unending, and unforgettable.  I wouldn't have the two best sisters in the world, the best mom on the face of the earth, and the best dad in the universe, in heaven and on earth.
My husband - Even when he drives me nuts and makes me wish I had a mojito in hand, I wouldn't trade him for any other man.  He is a devoted husband, a phenomenal father, an awesome teacher, a wonderful son-in-law, a great brother/brother-in-law/uncle, and thanks to him, my family expanded to include the most incredible set of in-laws anyone could ever have.

My faith - I'm grateful for my God and to my God.  Without Him I would have nothing.  With His grace I am able to be strong when I need to be, and weak when I need to be.  I know that He is there for me and for mine, and I know when it feels as if I can't handle another thing, I can because He is there for me, and with me.

More next Thursday...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A pro for e-books, instead of a con... Happy, P? (LOL!)

Quotation of the Day

Alice Through the iPad Screen

"Parents, I don’t have an answer to the worry that kids might prefer to watch a screen instead of reading. But kids who would have never read Alice as a traditional book might pick it up on the iPad instead of staring at Grand Theft Auto."

--Chris Stevens, creator of Alice for iPad, in an interview with Fast Company.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Angie's Having a Baby!

There's this girl, her name is Angie.  And she's married to a great husband and she has an awesome stepson.  Like me, she always wanted her own baby, too, and they tried.  After a while Angie wrote this tremendous post about how they decided, as a family, to adopt.  And lo and behold, God was listening and they are getting a baby girl this month!

She has tons'o'friends but one of her best, Wendy S., is throwing her a blog baby shower today!  Wendy suggested we post something on our blogs as a little gift to Angie and link to the ***linky party on the Ella blog!  So here you go...

Angie, Wendy suggested if we had any baby advice we might want to post it for you, so here goes, straight from my mom:

     When you're single, you have no one to answer to but yourself.  (God goes without saying in this little speech!)
     When you meet The One and you get married, all of a sudden you should put your marriage first, your husband second, and yourself, well, get used to third place!
     When you decide you want children and you have them, you should be prepared to put your children first, your family second, your marriage third, your husband fourth, and you?  Okay, fifth place is looking okay...

Of course this advice needs to be taken as it is intended:  as a reminder that once you have children, it's no longer all about "me."  While there IS an "I" in family, you'll notice that it's WAAAYYY toward the end of the word!!!  Of course the basic idea is that now there's this baby who relies on you for everything, and you had better be prepared to give everything you have to that baby.  And how lucky are you, Angie and Travis and Jeremy, that this beautiful new baby girl is joining your family today!  Enjoy her and enjoy your new family!!! 

We are sending lots of cyber-love your way, and prayers and congratulations!!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The other side of the coin...

I've gotten some flack for showing only one side of the print vs. e-book scenario here on my own personal blog, so here you go, a completely neutral article that in fact supports both print and e-books, AND emphasizes the fact that it's not format but content that you're paying for, regardless of format!


(But I'm still a print girl and always will be!)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Immigration and Illegal Aliens

I wouldn't be here today, or for any of these past almost 50 years if my mom hadn't come to the US from Poland, by way of Siberia, Kenya, the UK..., met my dad, gotten married and had me.  The thing is, she came here, applied for citizenship and is right proud of being an American!  I'm an American, too, a 1/2-Polish one, one of Polish descent, and proud of that, too.

But anytime I try to put words to feelings, I get all caught up in defending my opinion and guess what!  I don't have to do that here! 

This is my blog and I'm going to refer you all on over to Miss Hope's blog if you're at all interested in how I feel about these controversial issues.  Even within my family illegal immigration and illegal aliens can cause a loud and angry discussion. I'm not posting this here because I want any responses and I certainly don't want anyone of my few readers taking issue with Miss Hope. I'm just linking you on over to Miss Hope at Hope on the Edge so you can see what I would have written if I had any brain cells left over to help me put words together...  Please respect her blog and her opinions as much as I do.

I've closed comments on this post because, quite frankly, this is MY opinion and I'm not interested in debating it.  So come on back tomorrow when we'll be open for comments and discussing such cutting edge topics as the fall clothes I bought a couple of weeks ago, the beautiful christening I attended yesterday, and the new kitchen my sister is getting!!!

Thanks, Miss Hope!!!