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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Memorial Day (one day late)!

After a few days off, away from the computer, I'm back, baked and breathless to catch you up on the weekend...

First and foremost - we had weather. Good weather. Great weather! Weather that no one could complain about. Three days of it. Sun, warmth, more sun. I'm sunburned (not as badly as DH but good enough that I don't look like a beached whale) but not so burned that it will all begin peeling the night before the family wedding we have to attend in two weeks... Our mini weather station (a holiday gift for DH a couple of years ago) said "rain" all weekend, and we never got a drop! I've never been so happy for it to be wrong!

We took the rowboat out a few times. We really do need to buy ourselves a little motor. Even though I'm dieting and losing some weight, it's tough on DH to have to row us everywhere. (The motorboat will not go into the lake this year either; the dock isn't ready for it, and frankly, between the construction and the cost of gas these days...)

We had some surprise guests at the lake on Friday night. C, J and Mom came up. C was rather insistent that they come, even though the trip was two hours long instead of the 45 minutes it should take thanks to traffic and two horses loose on Route 80! J spent some quality man-to-man time with DH. They talked cars, of course, but J confessed to a D in chemistry. DH gave him the talk about how smart his family is, on both sides, that there's no excuse for him to be anything but an A student, that he should be in the top 25 of the school, with his brains... They talked about the need for J to get a job doing something, anything, and saving his money for a car. They talked about how C is under no obligation to buy him one, that the Honda was intended for him but that the decision to sell it was the right one. You sell it when it's saleable. You don't throw good money into it when you won't get it back when it's time to sell. I hope that it all sunk in, since it wasn't coming from his mom, his aunt or his grandmother... DH also mentioned that insurance companies aren't under any obligation to give him insurance and will justifiably say "no" if he, as a new 17 year old male drive buys a $5000 Porsche. DH put it to him this way: If they insure you and you have an accident that costs the insurance company $50000, was that a good business decision for them? No? Then you get it. You understand that they have to insure you for what they're willing to risk, and they have to charge you enough to be able to pay it out when (not if) they have to...

Some more news... At my WW meeting on Saturday morning, she said I gained .4 pounds. But I weighed in at .4 pounds LESS. I spent a few days a bit depressed 'cause I had been sticking to the program. Today I noticed my actual weigh-in number was lower than the week before. That means I lost weight, weigher-inner! So take that!!! (In case you hadn't noticed - not depressed any more!!!)

Had a BBQ last night with Mom and DH. We had corn on the cob, baked beans, homemade (by Mom) macaroni salad, sausage patties on potato rolls, potato salad (not homemade by me, but bought all by my lonesome at the local Shop Rite!), blueberry pie, two SR muffins (a banana nut muffin and a burstin' with blueberries muffin), and some Swiss Chocolate Almond coffee. Mmm, mmm, good!

I'm back in the office for a short week - today, tomorrow and Thursday here, Friday in NYC for BEA. We're sponsoring the big balloon drop at the opening of the convention, and I have to be there to distribute some company bags (bags are always a big take-home item at our shows) and then I can walk around, see people I haven't seen in years, then go home early and shop 'til I drop.

DH is away this weekend for the Special Olympics' state event and won't be home 'til Sunday afternoon. So on Sunday morning, I'll go to SR and buy something really good for dinner and when he comes home, I'll have it ready so he can go right to bed. This will be a weekend of No-Doze for him... And I'm going to be twenty times as worried as usual since he'll be driving himself home from Trenton after a long weekend without any sleep... G won't be there this year so she won't force him to "phone home" using her cell phone... I already want him home safe and sound...

On Saturday it's our family picnic. I'll be the only one attending. I'm just going to stop by to see all the aunts, say hi, see who showed up, take some notes for next year's event (that our family is sponsoring then!) and then I'll go on to my own weekend. If I can, E and I will be shopping; if not, what a GREAT weekend to clean up, throw some things out, and organize the rest!

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