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Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Clint! (one day early!)

I have a crush on Clint Eastwood. What is it they say? Admitting you have a problem is the first step?

His day of birth was May 31, 1930.

Yes, I know he's going to be 78 tomorrow.

I know many people would say 78 is too old to be the subject of a teenage crush. Of course, those same people would say 47 is too old to have a teenage crush on anyone... Go figure...

I don't care.

I would leave my DH for Clint, if it was an option. I would, of course, come back to DH once Clint and I were done, but Clint has been "it" for me forever. And no, it has nothing to do with the craggy face that reminds me of my dad. And it has nothing to do with the fact that my dad thought he was an okay guy, too. In fact, the crush I have on Clint has absolutely nothing to do with my dad. (That would be sooo yukky!)

I like Clint 'cause - well, 'cause I do. Why do we like anyone? Especially people we don't even know! He's smart, he's handsome (okay, if you're not into 78-year-olds, he was handsome when he was younger - check out pix from his Rawhide days...), he's talented, and he makes me tingle when I think about him.

I have a pair of bikini panties that say "Make my day" on them.

'Nough said.

Special message to Clint: I hope you have THE best birthday ever! You are awesome! You 'da bomb!
I missed my neighbor's birthday. I'm such a bad person!

Sue, I'm so sorry! You never forget mine. I forgot yours. I will shop this weekend and make it up to you. I promise.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I can't see.

I used to be able to see.

In fact, considering I've worn glasses since I was in, like, second grade, I've always had my vision corrected to 20/20 and have never suffered from the "I can't see the board" syndrome, at least not in my memory. (I suppose I suffered from it before I got my glasses but I don't remember that time of my life...)

When I married my husband, I got not only the best guy in the world, I got vision insurance for the first time in my life! Too borrow a phrase from Washington Mutual: "Woo Hoo!" Imagine: new glasses every other year, and new lenses each year in between. Almost as good as s-x! (Okay, forget that, it's not as good as that, but it does rank right up there!)

When I turned 40, I went in for my annual eye exam and they asked me, "So, how old are you?" Since age isn't really that much of an issue for me, I said, "40," fully expecting them to say something like, "Wow, I'd have thought you were in your 20's!"

Instead they said, "Oh, then you'll need reading glasses."


"NO EFFIN' WAY" was my response.

And I was right. After testing me, I didn't need reading glasses. But I was their favorite patient that day and at the end of my exam, when they put me in the same room as my husband (since we both had the last name), he was amused to hear the doctor come in and ask which of us was the one who doesn't need reading glasses? Apparently I had been a little forceful in my denial...

There were subsequent annual exams, one each in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 -

DANG IT! All of a sudden I need reading glasses! I can't read, I can't see my computer screen - this growing old SUCKS. My eyes go all wonky when I try to focus without my "cheaters" (a word I learned from my cousins on my dad's side when they were here at the beginning of the month).

I've graduated from 1.0 to 1.25 to 1.50. In fact, according to my doctor at my last appointment in February, I should be wearing a 1.50 to read, and a 1.25 to see my computer screen.

I wish they made a 1.35 - the 1.25 is terrific for the computer, but the 1.50 gives me a bit of a headache, and when I try the 1/25s for reading, they're just not strong enough.

I wish I could see. (I'm never taking my nephew to the eye doctor - he has better than 20/20 vision. I believe the last time I took him there he tested at 20/15...)

Hubby and I went out to dinner the other day and I forgot my reading glasses. He had to read the menu to me. If I was remotely unstable, that would have been enough to tip me over the edge!!! I have since bought another pair of reading glasses that will remain forevermore in my purse (until they have to be replaced with stronger ones). There's also a pair in one bathroom, and I'm planning to get another couple of pairs at the dollar store, one for each of the other two bathrooms. (I get a lot of my reading done in there!)

I think menopause will be easier to deal with than this.

BTW, I went for a complete physical last night - apparently I will live until I die. My heart is good, my blood pressure is good, my cholesterol is a bit high but the ratio of good to bad is high enough to compensate, my triglycerides are fine, my kidneys and my liver are okay, the cyst in my arm is innocent and apparently very common, I have some bone growths in one shoulder (and in one knee) that might be the start of some arthritis but they're having no noticeable effect on me right now. Aside from increasing my exercise and decreasing my fat/cheese/beef intake, I'm just fine. And I already warned the doctor, giving up cheese is not an option.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No longer a beached white whale...

We had BEAUTIFUL weather this past holiday weekend! I was able to spend several hours doing nothing more strenuous than oiling up my body and trying to make it look a little more tanned and a lot less white... Being successful at something is a wonderful thing. It makes you feel so accomplished. I have achieved the start of my annual summer tan.

Living next to a lake for 2 days a week, 52 weeks a year, 16 weeks of which are in late spring, summer, and early fall, you'd think I would find it easy to lose that pasty white winter look. But alas, no.

The first few years we were at the lake we made time to tan. We'd ride on "the boat that came with the house" and automatically we'd look pretty good, what with the sun reflecting off the water tanning us whether we tried or not! But then the dock was damaged and we couldn't put the boat in the water, so we merely tanned on the dock for a year. Then last year we built the addition, so we spent last year working, not tanning. And again this year, we will be sans "the boat that came with the house." Our dock, once again, was damaged by the winter ice and is now holding on to our bulkhead by literally a bolt. So again, no boat.

But I did manage to tan for a good six hours this weekend, and I look almost healthy and non-vampiric! (Is that a word?!?) I look as though I've been exposed to sunlight for part of my 47+ years. Thank the Lord!

Yes, I'm aware of the horrors of skin cancer/melanoma, but I am determined to look almost healthy when I croak! (Yes, readers, I am kidding. I would never risk my health by turning my looks-less-than-my-47-years skin into leather by tanning myself so dark I look like a California raisin!) I just want some color, and since I'm not one to wear a lot of makeup, I do allow myself a bit of a tan in the summer months...

My ducks were SOOO friendly this weekend. They literally stood on my foot, and stretched themselves to head-level (MY head when sitting on the lounge chair feeding them!) to grab pieces of potato roll from my fingers! They're so cute. Took LOTS'o'pix so when I get them downloaded, I'll be sure to post some on this site... Watch for them later this week!

I bought some paper so I can make little favors for J's graduation (!). Also spoke with A about a replacement gift for her sweet-16 cross - we looked, and I looked without her, but can't find one in my price range. I'd like to spend $400-$600 on the thing (on the cross alone!) but it's just not possible now. I have to put gas in my car to go shopping, you know?!? So we talked and she wants a chain, too, which I might be able to do more easily while remaining within my budget. After all, she's just 16, not getting married!

C got herself a new car yesterday. A 2008 Subaru - am hoping to get over there to see it tonight... Yea, you!

Went to my SIL's last night. Now I pride myself on being rather sophisticated, but I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I heard this one!

I have a wonderfully smart and accomplished nephew on J's side. He's 36 or so, working his a$$ off in NYC, living in a 2-room apartment (bedroom and living room w/ a kitchenette, plus the required miniscule bathroom). Now, granted, he's in a building that has a doorman and, more importantly, an elevator! (We helped move him into a 4th floor walk-up several years ago, on 92nd Street - OMG! Once I got upstairs, I was done!) He just got approved to move to the penthouse floor (NOT in THE penthouse, mind you), into an apartment that has (drum roll, please!) 100 square feet more! Oh, and a small balcony, too. And here's the punchline: FOR $1000 MORE A MONTH!

My BIL outright asked his son what the rent was: he will be paying $4150 a month for this new apartment, which could fit inside my house several times over!!

I did a little math. He will be paying $49800 out of pocket for an apartment. That's JUST a bit shy of what I make a year, GROSS!!! Now I know he earns a lot of money and believe me, he works hard and long for it. BUT OMG!!! Can you imagine, even in this economy, what he could get here in NJ for that much per month? Even for thousands less per month?!???

All I can say is, OMG!!!

Speaking of how much things cost... Just got an email from an old boss who's now living in England. He filled up his Mazda Miata with gas this morning, and it cost him $100US. I had to ask. Gas is $11.00US per gallon!!! Makes my almost $4 per gallon look good!

Friday, May 23, 2008

An early Happy Memorial Day to you all!!!

Memorial Day isn't really a happy kind of day. We spend a bit of time remembering those who have gone before, not only our war veterans, but our family members. My MIL died on 05/24/01 so this weekend will be a tough one in our house. I miss her so much more than I ever thought I would. Thanks to her my husband is a family-oriented, caring, thoughtful man who knows how to make the best tomato sauce from scratch I've ever tasted! Mom was a terrific cook and DH must have learned it by osmosis. I'm a bit ticked that she left us so early, before she had a chance to teach me how to cook...

But on the other hand, Memorial Day weekend is a great time for us! 1/2 day today, off on Monday - 3-1/2 glorious days with good weather promised for every one! Here in NJ we've been having not such great weather - cold, rain, yuk... It might even hit 80 (or the 80s, depending on which TV station you watch)!

My personal goal for this weekend: get some color so I don't look like a beached white whale when I remove my winter garments for some with less fabric...

Went last night to a new place to get some highlights - my roots were showing a bit too much. I like the job she did, but boy can she talk! I'm not sure I can handle her too often! Plus she charged me to blow out my hair. I have hair shorter that doesn't even touch my shoulders and it was a $120 bill! If I'd known she was going to charge me to dry it, I'd have left looking like I just stepped out a shower and fixed it up at home. Now that I know, if I decide to go there again, I'll just tell her outright, "No thanks, it's cheaper to blowdry it at home!"

26 more days 'til my sister arrives!!! Yay! The only bad thing is that I'm in sales conferences all that week before she gets here and I'm not sure if I can take any time off; with so much time NOT being spent at my desk, I'll be WAY behind for sure if I take that Friday off... But then again, how much more behind can I be if I'm 5 days behind as opposed to 4? It's not like I'll get caught up in that 1 day... Maybe I'll just put in for the day now and say, "the heck with it!" Yes, I think I will. Sister and Mom have plans for tea at Teaberry's - sounds like a lovely way to spend the day...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

TEAL - Typo Eradication Advancement League


Two guys, armed with Sharpies, Wite-Out, chalk and markers, traveling the country, correcting typographical errors.


Finding typos is my life! I derive such satisfaction, along with my frustration and irritation, from finding typos. DH teases me that I can't read anything without finding something wrong, either a grammatical error or a typo or even an error in content (believe it or not, Dante did not write Paradise Lost!). I've caught the heroine's eyes changing from blue to green (sans contacts!), her name changing from chapter 1 to chapter 3, the sun rising over the Pacific Ocean (which I suppose could technically happen if the story took place in Hawaii, but the heroine was on the beach next to the Pacific Coast Highway in California!), etc.

Typos are all over and no one cares. No one.

It drives me NUTS. So nuts that if I post a blog entry and find a type later on, I'll actually open the entry and correct it. (IF I see it - if you find one, let me know so I can correct it!) When I hit "send" in an email and miss a misspelling or a grammatical error, it's enough to ruin my day. I will beat myself up over it for an hour!

Okay, I have to go!!!

Doris Duke spent many years of her life traveling around the world, collecting various species of plants, and creating a garden - no, gardens that she then protected donating them to a Garden Foundation and by creating a special Board of Trustees.

Well, that Board has proven itself to NOT be very trustworthy. They have decided to destroy these gardens because they can.

It's that simple. They claim to have a new vision. That's great. It's my opinion, and the opinion of all the people who signed the petition, that they could have retained Ms. Duke's gardens and expanded her vision, instead of deciding to destroy her gardens and replace them with their own version of what they now think should be there.

Add handicapped access? YES. Please. Add examples of alternative energy sources? YES. Please. Destroy all the beauty of these gardens for your own personal gain? NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My neighbors came to visit us at the lake yesterday, all five boys and their parents. We had SUCH a great time! S brough bagels and tuna fish and egg salad and cream cheese and marble cake and chocolate chip cookies. (They keep kosher so I couldn't feed them all that easily.) I had drinks and snacks for them. Poor A got a little carsick on the way up, so he ate a bit, then went to lay down for 10 minutes or so. J took the 4 boys to the Sanctuary and showed them the beaver dam, and they met Marley (our neighborhood dog). It was raining, that's the only bad part of the day. J really wanted to take them out on the rowboat and show them around a little bit. Maybe next time!

I have a great picture of the five boys but I won't post it 'cause I don't have permission from their mom. But trust me when I say you've NEVER seen cheeks like the baby has - he even beats my niece who had chipmunk cheeks when she was born! We called her Dizzy, after Mr. Gilespie! G has her beat BIG time!!!

On the way home (we all left at the same time), the boys called us on my cell to shout, "Thanks, J and Krys, for letting us visit you at the lake!" Let me tell you, 5 boys! 5 boys so well brought up that they were less trouble than either my nephew or my niece, and certainly less trouble than the two of them together!!! These boys are so well brought up - my neighbors should be proud of themselves!!!

I'm stressed with the reorg we just went through here at work: I have double the territory, and I have to cover it in the same amount of hours for the same salary. Now of course, once the targets are set, if I make my numbers, my incentive payment goes up accordingly. But the work!!! OMG!!! I have two cold sores that have broken out on my lower lip; yes, a pretty picture! Today I emailed my friend CT, and he wrote me such a nice note of encouragement:

"Deep breath.
Now, remember that whatever you do will be an improvement over your predecessor. Also, remember that the sun will come up tomorrow, no matter what you do. And finally, at the end of the day, you can go home and shut the door on the trials and tribulations of your job. Might not be easy, but it can be done.
P.S. – Not sure if this is appropriate, but I just re-read Illusions (http://www.barefootworlds.net/illusions.html) and it always improves my outlook on life.

There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts."

Illusions is one of several books by Richard Bach that I've read and reread over the years. I collect quotes and Bach's books are chock-full of them! I've sent so many of them to C over the years, when we were single and writing letters to each other (back in the days before email!). It means a lot that he chose that book for me today! And I think I'll go home and pull it off the bookshelf, drop it in my bag, and when I finish the one I'm reading, I'll reread Illusions again. I'm sure there'll be a quote for me to send C when I'm done!

My mom is joining the ranks of the technologically advanced: she's switching to Dish TV, and she's going to have to learn that remote control all by herself. No emergency calls to me to come and fix what she broke. And she wants to buy a DVD recorder. I am a simple Cablevision customer, soon to switch to the Optimum Triple Play, I think... I have to have computer access at home, and cable is taking away channels and adding charges each month. (Sound familiar?!?) It's time to upgrade!

Well, I'm about to leave and walk cross-town to J's school, so we can leave on time. He wants to mow Mom's lawn (at least the front lawn) before we go to his sister's to celebrate her b'day. It's supposed to rain for the next three days or so, not pouring down storms, but showers on and off 'til Wednesday or Thursday (unless they've changed the forecast since this morning!). (An aside: I hate rain.)


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another wake...

You know how they say bad things come in threes? Anyone ever heard of fours?

First, Mr. H. died. He was the father of one of my husband's friends, DH's former boss.

Then my cousin Todd died.

Then my friend E's grandfather in Poland died.

And last night we went to the wake for the sister of a woman who works for DH in the After-School Program. C has worked for him for 15 years. She's such a wonderful woman. She's been suffering herself with treatments for various health issues, serious ones. And now her sister's gone. There were 7 girls and 2 boys, all in their 30's and up. The sister was found in her apartment, already gone. Haven't heard how, probably won't, but we did hear the rumors that when she was younger, she was heavy duty into drugs. Don't know if that played any part in her death; I sure hope not. That will make it even harder.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Cooks and Cahills, at Todd's wake, May 9, 2008.

From left to right: Phil (Kerri's husband), Nancy (Jeff's daughter), Mom, David (Jeff's son), Kerri, me, Gloria, A, Jeff, C, and J

My cousin Todd died on May 2, 2008. He was 48 years old. Todd had Down Syndrome. Todd was a fantastic person.

When we were young, we spent every Sunday at my dad's dad's house. I have lots of memories from Granddaddy's, and Todd is part of every one of them. Granddaddy would have a box of chocolates underneath the newspaper, on the coffee table in front of him. We'd go in, kiss him hello, and help ourselves to a piece of chocolate (Whitman's, Russell Stover, don't remember which). No one knew about this but us! (At Todd's wake last week I asked my cousins if they remembered, and they didn't know what I was talking about!) Every Sunday we'd go to church, change our clothes and drive up to Granddaddy's, where Todd would say, "Krysia, why can't you do a one-handed cartwheel? It's easy!" And he'd just do one! And eventually they were no-handed cartwheels ("Krysia? Why can't you do a no-handed cartwheel? It's easy!"). And he and my Aunt Cookie would squat down, and sit on their elbows. These are such vivid memories for me... And Evelyn's sarsaparilla soda - mmm, good!

At the funeral Jeff gave a speech about Todd. Then Kerri got up and spoke about her baby brother. Then Jeff asked if anyone else wanted to speak.

I honestly don't remember walking up to the casket: the next thing I know I'm standing there, with my hand on Todd's shoulder. I turned around and tried to speak. And I couldn't. I was crying so hard I couldn't talk. I knew Todd's death would affect me; he was my cousin, after all. But I hadn't seen him since 1992, and before that, it was 1975 or 1976, when they moved to Colorado. I really didn't expect to lose it like I did. I wanted everyone to know how much I would miss him. How even though he wasn't part of my daily life, even though he wasn't even a part of my week anymore, he was a part of my life. My cousin. Who I will miss so very much.

I am proud to have been his cousin. He accomplished so much, with the help of my aunt and my cousin. Jeff really stepped up and took the place of my Aunt Cookie once she wasn't really able to be Todd's #1 advocate any more. Todd had a full and complete life, thanks to the two of them. And I will miss him forever.

Here are few stories, though, light-hearted ones, intended to make the tears subside...

1) When my aunt died 10 years ago, we had the funeral, then proceeded to the cemetery. They had dug her hole on the wrong plot!!! Jeff made them come back, dig the right hole, then we buried her!

2) When we went to the cemetery to bury Todd, he was supposed to be interred head to head with my aunt. They assured Jeff they'd do it the right way. When we got there, they almost dropped Todd putting his casket on the supports. Thankfully, the hole was in the right place! But then Jeff asked about Todd; was his head actually at this end of the hole? No. So we had to have him turned around. Boy, would my aunt have haunted Jeff!!!

3) Two weeks ago, Todd's trainer heard him get up in the middle of the night. She let him alone, assuming he would go to the bathroom and go back to bed, or get a drink and go back to bed... He didn't. She heard some strange noises from downstairs so she went down to find out what Todd was doing. He had a suitcase on the floor, open, and he was packing. "What are you doing, Todd?" she asked. "Mom came and told me she's coming for me in two weeks, I'm going to go on vacation with her, " he responded. There's not one person on the Cook or Cahill side that doubts that story!!! If anyone could come back and visit Todd, it was Aunt Cookie!!! (Well, no one at the repast doubts it!)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wow! I'm an Assistant Organizer!

I belong to a local scrapbooking MeetUp group and while I was at our all day crop last Saturday (National Scrapbooking Day), the Organizer came over and said they were thinking of offering me that position. Now it doesn't require a lot of work; if MB can't make an event that I'm attending, I'd "be in charge of" paying for the room, making sure we all leave the room in the condition we found it, baby stuff like that. But how nice to be a "part" of that group! And how flattering that they want me to be the Assistant Organizer!

I've met the nicest women in that group, wound up back in touch with a friend from high school, and have learned that I am, indeed, creative in my own way. I do okay making my pages - they may not be publishing-quality, but I'm proud of them. (Yes, there are a few I think could definitely use some tweaking, but for the most part, I like 'em!) I would never have described myself as artistic; I think I mentioned that in an earlier post, but I am! And I get a lot of satisfaction from it!

And now this brings up the issue of group activities. I belong to Weight Watchers. Again, I've met a great group of people, especially in the Ledgewood, NJ, group. They've extended their WW relationship into their personal lives - they cruise together, they have movie nights together, they attend cookie swaps and purse sales together... And they've invited me along but so far I haven't been able to attend; with the work at the lake and the fact that we're only up there 2 days a week, my time is a bit full. But when we relocate, I hope I can spend more time with these ladies. They're a FUNNY bunch of coconuts!

WW, scrapping. What an easy way to find new friends and experience new things. So far I haven't been disappointed!

But I have a friend who "doesn't do groups." She won't attend WW 'cause she "doesn't like that rah-rah mentality." It's not a rah-rah group. Sure, we clap for each other and sometimes I feel a bit silly being on the receiving end of applause for losing a 1/2-pound when there are women in there who have lost over 100 pounds. But the value of the support I get from these strangers-turned-friends is immeasurable. How nice to know that I matter to these people. They really do care that I lost rather than gained, or that I stayed the same rather than gained. And if I gain, they have ideas to help me lose. Of course, we talk about food, and eating, and weight. But we've also talked about children, and in-laws, and holidays, and family, and work...

This friend of mine won't come to my scrapping group, even though she's very artistic and would do extremely well. Why? Because she "doesn't do groups" and because she "can't afford to scrap." Now THAT I can relate to! It IS a very expensive hobby if you get addicted to it! But I've offered her the use of my materials for a day, or even for a few hours, just to see if she'd like it, and as well-read and well-informed and brilliant as she is, "No. I don't do groups." If she just doesn't want to scrap, okay. But she did it for a shower she organized and said she had a lot of fun doing it. She's just, well, rigid, in a lot of ways. She doesn't embrace change. Now, me? I hate change. But I acknowledge the fact that it's inevitable and I sort of have to adapt, whether I like it or not. Sometimes I think she "doesn't do groups" just 'cause she said, a long time ago, that she "doesn't do groups."

And she spends paragraphs and paragraphs on her blog lamenting the fact that she has only a few close friends and too much free time...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day, one day early!

Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day, and I'm spending the day scrapping! I'm attending an all-day crop with my MeetUp group, well, some of them! I'm planning to be so creative I'll scare myself!

I want to step out of my box and create something different, something I haven't done before. I'm not quite sure what it might be, but I'm going to try. I love the idea of a multi-sized album (you can see an example of a mini one at Ali Edward's blog today http://aliedwards.typepad.com/_a_/2008/05/weekend-creativ.html). I want to do something like this but I'm going to have to probably wait until I'm in my scrapping room; I don't have all my miscellaneous "stuff" ready to go to the crop tomorrow.

I'm still packed from my last crop so all I have to do is drag all those bags and boxes into the clubhouse and arrange my space. I think, nay, I hope I remember to bring a pillow to sit on (not that I don't have enough natural padding - those chairs are just a bit low for all day!) and my little portable shelf (it might help me to make space on the table for my scrapping).

I bought batteries for my camera; I'll try to remember to add it to my stuff for tomorrow. I broke my little mini camera while I was in Arizona. I have to do some research and find out if I can get it repaired. It was a cute little portable Kodak digital camera, took GREAT pictures, and it had a nice 2" LCD screen that I banged right into the corner of a table. It was in the pocket of my shorts and most of you reading this blog know I'm not the most graceful of women... BANG! And of course, with my luck, the screen was facing outwards. Dad-gum it!

I'd like to do a page about my scrapping. And a page about my office. And a page about the inside of my purse and/or my tote. I think they all say a lot about my lack of organizational skills, and my creativity (what little I have!), and my ability to work or play in a mess!

It's 9:58am and I feel as though I've been here at work for hours and hours and hours already. And it's only been 2 hours and 43 minutes... Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! I want to go home!

Well, we moved DD into her new apt last night. Actually she and her friend D did most of the moving; we did the TV, the bed, the sofa, a lamp, the dining room table, the bedroom blinds, and tonight we'll do the living room blinds and the last remaining lamp. She's so happy - it's clean and it smells clean and it looks clean and it's a clean start for her. Even though it's an apt that's identical to the one we moved her out of, one floor down in the same building, two doors over. Don't ask.

Her BF called me yesterday. I've already told him I'm uncomfortable in the middle. I don't want to be the one who hears both sides of the story. But he was only checking in to say he hadn't spoken with us in over a week, and that he was in touch with her - he hates texting. And DD would rather text than talk.

I figured out why. When you're texting you can ignore what you don't want to address. You just don't respond. When you're on the phone, you can be confronted. They can say, "Why aren't you answering me?" And you're forced to deal with the issue. Email is the same. But they both lend themselves to misinterpretation - you can't hear someone's tone in a text or in an email. And when you know the person you're texting/emailing, you would be able to interpret tone.

Besides, texting with 2 thumbs is SO much slower than just calling, talking, and being done with it. (Shudder.)

Gotta run!

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Lot's is happening in my business life. Just found out they're adding 6 more states to my territory. I now cover, in no particular order:
  • my original states - Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia
  • my newly added states - Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska

I'm sure you can guess which one appeals to me the most: Missouri! My bestest college friend lives in the St. Louis area, in St. Charles, to be exact. And his parents live in Kansas City. And if I have large enough accounts to warrant a trip to those particular locations, I could actually visit with them and see them and that would be phenomenal!!!

Iowa? Nebraska? I don't know yet how much business is in each state, and obviously my goal is to build up the territory so I'll be looking for more business in each state.

I also found out today that they're adding a whole new class of trade to my reseller responsibilities. Yesterday I sold to trade associations and catalog resellers. Today I'm also doing bulk sales. Mm-hm. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I'll have to make it exciting, if it turns out to be dull and boring. I got those states from one of my colleagues, Kim. She sits right next to me in the office. She has one of those voices they use for voiceovers (if you call our IT department, you hear her say, "You have reached the IT department. Please listen as our menu choices have changed. For IT support, press 1. For AS400 support, press 2. If you'd like to leave a message,..." Forget it! You don't really care!). Her customers are in for an awakening: first thing in the morning you can't tell I'm not a guy. My voice is not very feminine, at least not in my opinion, at least not first thing in the morning. And I talk really fast when I'm talking to a stranger. Really fast. Almost faster than I can type...

I think I'm going to take a picture of my desk here at work tomorrow so you can see what 6 new states and a new class of trade looks like. It's a bit frightening since I really do pride myself on keeping my office neat and orderly (unlike my home!). I have paper all over, like a paper bomb exploded on top of my desk and all around my cubicle! If I was compulsively clean, I'd be shaking right about now...

Tonight we're moving my daughter back into her new apartment, which we moved her into and out of last week. The apartment complex has basically sterilized it: washed the rug four times, painted three times, stripped the cabinets to remove the smoke/nicotine, fumigated, pulled out the refrigerator and the oven and cleaned and painted behind them, bleached the tiles and the entire bathroom. Hmm, did they do anything else? I think that's it. In fact, the former tenant is all upset that they did all this 'cause she feels like it makes her look dirty. Hey, lady, if the shoe fits!!!

Okay, that's enough blogging for now - DH is on his way to pick me up so we can go home, change, chow down and go move DD.