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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friends we've never met

Just wanted to post a little something here about two people I've never met, but consider good friends. I'm not going to name any names but they know who they are: H & F.

Now H has a blog that I read every day (well, every day she posts something!). I can't even remember how I found her blog, but I'm so glad I did. She and her husband F are wonderful people. They love God, their family, their friends and their country. They have values, wonderful values that permeate their lives and they are raising their children to have the same values and morals. Together they make up a family I would be proud to be a part of and they are a family I am so happy to know, even though we've never met.

But we have blogged, and texted, and IM'd and telephoned. Even though I haven't met them, I've tried to support them any way I can, with words and thoughts and prayers. I sent them a selection of books when they had to deal with something new, books I thought might help them help their son. And being the kind of people they are, they passed those books along to other families dealing with the same issues - paying it forward, so to speak.

Well, F is retiring after many years in the Navy. Their family is in the midst of some (thank God!) relatively minor health issues. F is looking for a new job, they will have to relocate who-knows-where (well, by now they might know!) and they will have to uproot their family and start again somewhere new. And we'll be there, at the other end of the Internet, cheering and clapping and supporting them and hoping it's a little closer to NJ!!!

So what made me start this post? Guess what I got in the mail the other day? An invitation to F's retirement ceremony. They don't know us! But they know us enough and care enough about us to invite us to join them on what is a very special day in their lives and I just wanted to share that with the world.

I want to tell them both, you are two very special people and we, Jack and I, are proud and happy to call you friends, and we really can't wait to meet you both! (Even though it might be a while 'cause we're unfortunately not going to be able to make it to GA for the party!)

I'll be thinking of you, F, on September 18th. And I'll be clapping wildly as you're recognized for your service to this country and for your dedication to this country, and I'll be cheering you and your family on as you start this new part of your lives! I know everything will be just wonderful - you deserve it!!!

$40 - back and forth

So we have some dear friends who live in Hoboken. Jack and G have worked together on Special Olympics for oh, I don't know, 20 years or so! We grew closer still when Jack was nominated for the position on the Credit Union's Board of Directors and G's husband M is the treasurer.

We love going out to dinner together and when the check arrives, it's always a toss-up as to who's going to grab it first. So we try to alternate paying for dinner; it seems the fairest thing to do and avoids fisticuffs and tug-of-war at the table!

Well, Jack's been spending some time at their house this summer, helping M remodel his bathroom. (A story for another time - suffice it to say they paid for a new bathroom less than two years ago but M had to tear it out and start from scratch 'cause of leaking behind the walls and in the shower floor, to say nothing of the popping floor tiles...) There were a couple of nights here and there where we went out to eat after I got off work. The usual check fights took place. One night they ordered in, paid for it all, and sent leftovers home with us, enough for three days (!) 'cause "M doesn't do Chinese leftovers." They wouldn't take any money.

Well, a couple of weeks ago we got take out again. I tried to pay and was, of course, beaten to a pulp and told my money wasn't any good there! So before we left, I put $40 and a note reading "Dinner's on us!" under someone's car keys on the end table in the parlor. And Jack and I giggled like schoolchildren all the way home 'cause we got one over on G&M!

We got home and the phone rang around midnight. G cussed us out something fierce! How dare we leave money?! She's going to get even!! Jack helped M so much feeding us is the least they can do!! Blah, blah, blah. Let her rant. Who cares? I left them $40 so all was well in our world!

A week or so later she sent home a newspaper with Jack, the local rag I don't usually get a chance to read, but G knows I'm nosy and I like to keep up with what's going on in town. Well, I carried it around for another week, 4 days at least, and almost threw it out more than once.

You know where I'm going with this, don't you, you smart readers, you?

I finally decided to skim the paper here at work before I tossed it. And what was stapled to page 6, with a note that read, "Love you guys!"



Two twenties.

So now it's up to me to get that $40 back to them without being caught. I'm planning feverishly. Perhaps I hide it under her pillow. Or in the fridge when I get another iced tea the next time I'm there. Or I mail it to her anonymously. I thought about asking them to deposit it in her checking account at the credit union but aside from that being illegal (I think!), I'd go nuts if I couldn't balance my checkbook and I wouldn't want to do that to anyone, so I gave up on that one... Maybe I could tape it to the inside of their new shower stall, or on the toilet tank in the bathroom on the first floor, the one she doesn't use unless she goes in to clean it...

The mind is just humming away, trying to come up with something clever and funny.

Any ideas?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Less than two hours and counting...

I'm leaving work early today to take a long weekend with my hubby.

Next week is his last week of summer vacation. For the first time in 36 years he's starting school in August! August 31st, to be exact, but that's still August! AND they've taken away his winter break, so now he only has a November break, a Christmas break, and a spring break - no week off in February. Boo hoo!

Now personally I LIKED it when he had off 'cause we got to go away every other year or so with the Credit Union for a work seminar - work for him, play for me!

And I succumbed to my addiction and bought another pocketbook online. It's bad. I really do have to win the Megamillions lottery tonight! $207 million dollars. Can you even imagine??? $207 million! That number seems almost incomprehensible to me, although I'd give it my best shot comprehending it first hand!!!

So what would I do if I won???

I'd have to figure out what's better, a lump sum payout or a payout over the next 20 years. God willing, I'll still be around for the next 20 years, so it's not like I'm 95 and might not live to collect. Although we all know I could get hit by a speeding police car just stepping out my front door!! (Long story...)

I'd first of all cash the first check. Then I'd spend some of my money fixing up my mom's house, giving both my sisters some money to help with their bills and so that they have some to put away for a rainy day, and then I'd book a vacation to Disney World.

After that I'd sit down, do some digging to find a good, reliable financial advisor, and then I'd buy some furniture! Oh, almost forgot! I'd give a little bit to a dear friend to help her pay off some debt she's struggling with, and I'd hire a maid.

Oh! And I'd quit my job, or turn it into part time, if they'd be willing, and I'd CLEAN.MY.HOUSE.

And I'd buy a laptop.

That's all. Then Jack and I would just live our lives. Together. As usual.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hmmm... So much going on, so little time to catch you up...

Wedding plans.
Wedding conflicts.
Wedding expenses.
Wedding headaches.
Lovin' it all!

My daughter is planning her wedding. Her description of her perfect day? "A beautiful wedding with a Halloween twist!" My stomach is in knots, picturing pumpkins and spider webs and candy, instead of flowers and pretty dresses and happy people... But it's her day, not mine, I know. No need to remind me!

But seriously, so far here's what's going on...

The wedding will be in her mom's backyard.
On Halloween, 2010.
That's October 31st, for those of you who don't know.
I can't remember the last Halloween day we had that wasn't cold and miserable.

Her original thought was no jackets for the guys. On October 31st.
What could be next? Spaghetti straps for the girls? With no jackets?!

Now it's orange and purple lights, with jack-o-lanterns and invitations that are Halloween-themed. But still wedding invitations.

And a dress. Not a gown. 'Cause she's "not a foo-foo sort of person."

And her friend was taking photos for her. Nope. We told her we're getting a photographer for her.

And we'd like to pay for her gown.

And we'll pay for her wedding cake.

Her mom is paying for the tents and the catering, last I heard. Which I interpret to mean we don't stand a chance getting the extra guests we want - we have 13 out of 130. Yes, I feel a bit penalized 'cause we have a smallish family... Something else to deal with...

I'll keep you posted!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Tragic Accident on the Hudson River

I'm really glad I wasn't in the office on Saturday. My office windows look right out onto the Hudson River, exactly in the spot that helicopter and plane collided just before noon on Saturday. 9 people died in this crash. Such a tragically different outcome than just 7 months ago when that jet crash-landed in the river and all survived.

I've been glued to news reports. The older I get, the more I watch the news, and the less I watch for entertainment (although I will admit to a couple of sitcom and drama addictions). As I post this entry, I can see several police boats and divers going in and coming out of the water, searching for the last two bodies and the mangled wreckage of the Piper.

My heart goes out to the families of those who died. What a sad, sad thing.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Someone needs your prayers

I have been keeping up with The Vedra Family these past two years. Their beautiful baby Ellie was born in 2007 with a rare, unknown neurological disorder. This beautiful family has simply gone on, blessed by God with a strength born of love, to care for this extremely disabled baby.

She is absolutely beautiful.

Her mama got pregnant again. They asked for prayers that their new baby would be healthy.

Hannah Grace was born at 12:06 this morning. It appears she suffers from the same debilitating disorder that her older sister does. She was rushed into the NICU immediately.

I don't know Emily and Adam, or their older sons, Noah and Seth. But what I do know from reading their blog is that this family, in the face of such extreme disappointment and worry - this family is consumed by love and patience and grace. This young couple has made a wonderful home for their children, for all four of them, and I pray, and ask you to pray also, that God continues to help them through whatever it is that faces them.

Take a few moments and browse through their blog: The Vedra Family. You will come away with a new appreciation for your own health and your family's, as well as a broken heart, that two such beautiful little angels face this long road. They are lucky to have the family they have.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Still fuming...

Took the train in to work this morning. As I was boarding, my phone rang and it was my friend G. We started talking and since we were talking about my daughter and potential wedding plans/issues/problems, I was specifically talking in a lower voice 'cause I was referring to people by name, and you never know who's sitting behind/next/in front of you...

We went through the 3rd stop and some guy walked over to me, leaned in and asked me, really nastily, if I was intending to keep talking on the phone all the way to Hoboken.

My response? "As a matter of fact, yes. You're just not as entertaining as I'd hoped so I'm going to stay on the phone!"

Now, had I been speaking or laughing loudly, I'd have apologized and lowered my voice to be a bit quieter, but G was repeatedly asking me, "What did you say? I couldn't hear you!" I was consciously being careful not to talk very loudly so I know for a fact that I wasn't one of those rude people who just scream into the phone with no consideration for their surroundings...

What nerve! I'm still ticked at that guy!