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Thursday, May 31, 2007

BEA tomorrow...
I will be working the opening ceremonies at the balloon drop in the Crystal Palace at the Javits Center. My company is sponsoring the balloon drop and giving stuff away (can't tell you what since I'm surprising my sisters with one each! Watch your b'day package, P!). Then I have the rest of the day to wander around the show floor, looking for reps I haven't seen in four years. Then friend E and I are leaving early and going to lunch somewhere, then I'll go home and see DH before he leaves for the weekend.

Special Olympics State Finals - here he comes! And since he won't carry a cell phone and since G isn't attending, we will be basically incommunicado for the entire weekend. I think that will be the first time we've gone so long without speaking to each other. When I travel, we talk every morning and every dinnertime, then again before I go to sleep. I will miss him a lot.

The family picnic is this weekend. I will attend (007 that I am) to see what they did and how they did it, since next year is our turn to sponsor it! (Not that we had a choice, you understand, all the Xmas parties were taken before they even opened it up for volunteers - you N family members know exactly what I mean!)

I will also shop some this weekend, mostly for work clothes that fit, and I will also CLEAN MY HOUSE. It needs it desperately. I have scrapping stuff all over, and I want to get that organized and put in one place, and I have to dust and vacuum and put things away.

And maybe I will try to scrap a little - this is a big "if" since all my scrapping supplies are topsy-turvy. Perhaps post-housecleaning....

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