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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


On Friday, DH got hit in the face with a whiffle ball bat. Until yesterday we thought he had a broken nose, but the x-rays show contusions only. It happened at work so he went to the workman's comp immedicenter. Of course, it took 2 hours and they hadn't seen him yet, so he left. Then he wouldn't let me and/or Maria drive him to Trenton. And he refused to borrow a cell phone to tell me he got down there okay, and he refused to take mine... He got down there okay, called from J's phone (HA! He HAD to borrow one anyway...), then I didn't talk to him 'til he got home on Sunday. Thank goodness he got home early, around 1:30-ish. He pulled some weeds then napped on the sofa 'til dinner. Then it was off to bed until the next day!

Last night we went to the Secaucus workman's comp center and that dr said it's not broken. Tonight he's going to see Dr. A, the one who did his nose surgery two years ago. Him I'll believe!! Let's all keep our fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

BEA was fantastic! I saw several former reps, people I haven't seen in years, even years before Sher closed down! It was really nice to be remembered, and remembered fondly. I saw MMC and LT in the Penguin booth (never got back there to see MD - sorry, MD!), DP in the Random House booth, BW in the Island Press booth, the H's at NPR, RJ at Hachette, MAR and NL in the aisle at Perseus, C and SH and MR from The News Group (we had a great lunch!).

I met Kim Peek and his dad at the National Professional Resources booth. Kim is the real "Rainman." He looks exactly the same as he did on that documentary I watched a while ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdeAq7_r63g
He is incredible. I told his father he was a blessing, that I was lucky to have had the opportunity to meet him. His dad said he felt the same way every day.

They don't know exactly why Kim's brain functions as it does. They do know that his agenisis of the corpus callosum is missing - the bundle of nerves that connects the two hemispheres of the brain is not there. Secondary connectors (the anterior commissure) are also missing. He was born with an overly large head (proportionally speaking). His cerebellum was also damaged. He can recite facts and figures that baffle you, just pick them out of his mind. I told him my b'day was December 18, 1960. "It was a Sunday." I'll retire "in 2025, it's a Thursday." I wasn't able to hear him speak; he was doing an autographing later in the morning, but I didn't attend. What a gift it was to be able to meet him, even if only for a moment or two... Just imagine if we all were able to have an 1/8 of his ability to remember things... The world would be a different place...

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