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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Okay, the lumber delivery has been delayed 'til tomorrow. Which means that I'm single again tonight! But I miss DH so much that I'm going to take a drive up there tonight to have dinner with him.

It seems that our framer is going to be able to start on Thursday or Friday of this week. I kind of hope it's Friday so I can take the day off and maybe Monday, too, so I can see them begin construction... I've already warned my boss about the possible days off. I have to confirm with him tomorrow.

I'll post some pix when I have them... I'm sure it will be exciting to watch!

Guess what exciting things I did last night? I made Mrs. K's famous cold vegetable salad, started cleaning out the closet in J's room, went through some clothes and started a new donation bag for AmVets, tried on a few outfits I've been saving for when I magically become the same size I used to be twenty years ago - and I fit in them! There are two in particular; they're still a bit snug, but I can get in them and zip them up! YAY!

Tonight, if I get back early enough, I'll try to coordinate some of my scrapping supplies, and begin working on the recipe swap I'm participating in next month. It's due 07/12 so I really have to get cracking!

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