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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

OUCH, Part II!!!

DH had a meeting with his ENT doctor last night, to check up on the broken nose which wasn't broken... Okay, it's still not broken, but - TA DA! It's now not so crooked!

I swear, DH almost fainted! The dr walked in, examined him with the Total Recall scope (those of you who have seen the movie know what I'm talking about!), then turned to me (yes, I went in with my 56-year-old husband!) and said, "I always check with moms and wives. His nose is a bit, well, off, isn't it?" And I said yes. And he pointed to the left side of DH's nose and said, "It's pointing a little this way, right?" And I said yes again.

[WARNING: This is a rather graphic description of what happened next. If you have a weak stomach, skip to the next paragraph!] The dr walked to DH's left side, placed both his hands on DH's face with his thumbs on the left side of the nose and his fingers on the far side of DH's face, and pushed. With all his body weight. DH's hands clenched into fists, his tan disappeared for a few seconds and his whole body stiffened like a board. Later, he said he could hear it in his head like celery, or crinkling Saran Wrap [tm]. Bottom line: his nose is much straighter, almost back where it started! It still looks a bit off, but I asked if that could be swelling and the dr said for the most part it probably is. There might be a bit of crookedness left, but nothing like when he walked into the office at 5:45 last night... And great news! This should not have affected DH's sinuses in any way! He said he noticed immediately that he was breathing better and last night, he didn't snore. YAY!

Tonight Mom and I are going to get our nails done. On Monday a bit of green appeared on my right thumb - she'd better get rid of it tonight - I have a dinner on Friday night and a wedding on Saturday night... And no sparkly clear coat, I think the normal pink. I think I might go home (not) sick on Friday at around noon-ish so I can go and get my toes done. Mom needs hers done, too, so that would work...

Today I'm calling/emailing contractors to tell them we've chosed *&* Construction. They will be disappointed, I'm sure, but them's the breaks! You either pony up with a good bid or you don't! I have to tell *&* that they've been chosen, too. (Yes, I will do that first, before I burn my bridges!)

I'm mailing a package to my sister P today for her b'day. This way it will most definitely arrive before 6/22 and I don't have to feel bad that it's not there for her big day. If you're reading this, P, I'm not telling what I got you, but please don't expect the usual gemstones and money... The next few holidays are going to be light since we're spending all our $$$ on this addition. Just warning you in advance...

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