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Friday, June 29, 2007

DH is not a happy camper.

The framer postponed starting to Monday, then decided to mention he planned on working a 1/2 day on Tuesday, and was off on Wednesdday (the holiday). DH was a bit annoyed ("a bit" is an understatement) but in all fairness, with the weather being as darned wet as it's been here in the NE, it can't possibly be the framer's fault his upstate NY job isn't done yet. So I calmly pointed out that while I know he wants the job started ('cause until it's started, he can't work on it or finish it!), we have to remember that if it rains (God forbid!) during our job, the guy scheduled after us is going to have to wait, too! That sort of calmed him down a bit (my job in life, as we all know!). I think he's okay. Plus, I mentioned that since it's going to be such a lovely weekend (if Bill Evans, our weatherman, is right), we can rest a bit together on the dock, have a nice lunch, then go shop for our gas fireplace, order it, look for bathroom fixtures (which, apparently, I have to have before I have a bathroom!), maybe see a movie, go for a walk, etc., etc. [He's like a kid that way - if he's busy and doesn't have time to think about things, he's okay.]

I was supposed to be off today, but with construction delayed, I'm not blowing a vacation day! I came in early, will eat lunch at my desk and leave at around 2:30, then pack up the food and take off, and surprise my DH! He's expecting me at 6-ish, or even later... I miss him a LOT!

I went to my first Scrapaholics meeting last night. It's not what it sounds like! It's just one more way to spend money on this addictive habit! Each month you get a kit and instructions to do a few different techniques. It's okay - I think I'll try it for 3 months or so, to give it a fair shake. I think what I like best is the group, the companionship - the PersonalScrapper.com kit I get mailed monthly is better quality, so far, at least. Last night we met at N's house. N & I went to high school together! When I first joined the scrapping group a couple of years ago (2 years ago July 6, to be exact!), she emailed me and asked me if was who she thought I was! Yeppers! How nice to become friends again 25+ years later!

She lives in Pompton Plains. As always I was early and since I hadn't had dinner, I decided to drive in the opposite direction from her house to find a little local pizzeria or something where I could pick up a little somethin' somethin' before I pigged out on the "Seriously Chocolate Chocolate Crumb Cake" I had brought. (I was supposed to bake the night before but I forgot!)

There is NOTHING on Boulevard Ave. in Pompton Plains. NOTHING from Route 23 to Ryerson Road in Lincoln Park. When I told N, she laughed out loud! Apparently I should have stayed on Newark Pompton Turnpike; then I would have found the center of town. Oh well, now I know, for next time!

Well, I suppose I should actually do some work since I'm getting paid to be here... I will be incommunicado 'til I return to work next week, sometime after the holiday.


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