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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm baaaack! (Shades of Jack Nicholson...)

The meetings are over. I'm back at my desk, feeling slightly overwhelmed and largely uninspired. I want to do everything I promised I'd do, but my get-up-and-go got-up-and-went. How do I find it again? I suppose I could just dive right into my To Do pile, but that would be the gutsy thing to do, and not too many people would describe me as gutsy. Lazy? Slow? Yeah. Gutsy? No.

My niece T got engaged last week! Yay! We like K. We're happy for T and K. And what a beautiful ring! It's so her! It's styled to look like an antique, and it's similar to a ring her folks got her a couple of years ago. She's very happy. We're very happy. [And please pray for their kitty Pepper who's not feeling too well these days. She was put under yesterday for a procedure and she was pacing around the house all night, along the perimeter walls, not sitting anywhere, just walking as though she was doped up or drunk as a skunk. We want her better soon!]

Our permits are approved and we just have to pay another $544 for them! DH will be boing up there next Monday to pay, unless I talk him into going up early this Friday... Maybe I can leave early... So it looks like construction will begin in early July. By the end of the summer we should have the addition on, the fireplace extended, and the house roofed and sided. From the outside it will look like a done home. We hope. On the inside, another story! We're doing quite a bit of the work ourselves so it will be slow-and-steady, with me helping where I can, and staying out of the way when I need to!

We'll hire a sheetrockers, a plumber and hopefully L the electrician will help DH out with what needs to be done, and then we have to really concentrate on getting heat in the house for the winter.

I'll post pix as they become available, for my sister P who will be following the construction from afar... Hi, P!

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