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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Need a dock???

This is what our dock looks like down, post-iced-over-lake.

Wanna buy it? Best offer gets it. Pick up only.

No takers?

Okay. It's firewood next year!!!

I'm traveling this week (to Chicago and Wisconsin) so J's job is to call a couple of dock guys and see if they can come out and take a look and give us at least an idea, even if all we decide to do is replace the one that was there. Although we are thinking about expanding it to be about 20' long by 10' wide for the biggest part, and u-shaped with only a 2' or 3' wide by 20' long for the other long part of the U. And we're thinking about spacing it to accommodate a pontoon boat like this one:

We're hoping to get one used here at the lake at some point in the future. 

We certainly don't need it now, since we don't have a dock...

But I can imagine it...  wind in my hair, sun on my shoulders, book in my hand, iced tea at my side, lounging on my lounge chair in the middle of the lake on my pontoon boat, or if we're lucky and get the version of the boat that has two built-in lounges....

Welcome to my retirement, boys and girls!  Hope you have as nice a time as I plan to...

Now if only I could win that MegaMillions/Powerball...

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Amy said...

That power ball money is mine!

Don't I wish!