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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

100 things about me

  1. I am addicted to reading.
  2. I finally learned I have some artistic talent at the ripe old age of 43.
  3. I love babies.
  4. I take pride in my work.
  5. I'm registered as a Republican.
  6. I love unsweetened iced tea.
  7. My favorite colors are purple and green.
  8. I really believe time goes more slowly at the lake house.  That's why weekends seem longer there.
  9. I would like to visit Paris.
  10. I skipped senior year in high school to attend the University of Delaware as a Freshman Honors Student and graduated from there in 1981/1982.
  11. I used to be smart.  (See #10)
  12. My husband built me bookshelves in our library for a Christmas present several years ago.
  13. I would have gotten engaged on July 3, 1998, instead of July 4, 1998, IF I had let my then-boyfriend win at Rummikub.
  14. I love to drive.
  15. There were only 107 people at our wedding, including the bride and groom and our attendants.
  16. I've made some wonderful friends on the internet.  (Hello to all of you!)
  17. I miss my dad every day.  He died March 16, 1987.
  18. I became best friends with my best friend on January 30, 1978.
  19. I love snow.
  20. I am VERY myopic and have a bad astigmatism in my right eye.
  21. I was 30 years old when I had my ears pierced.
  22. Amethysts are my favorite gemstone.
  23. One of my favorite books is Anthem, by Ayn Rand.
  24. My favorite singer/songwriter is Dan Fogelberg.
  25. I love everything about the Christmas season.
  26. I could watch What Not to Wear all day, every day.
  27. Along with House Hunters.
  28. I have owned 4 cars in my entire life.
  29. I have a stepdaughter and a stepson.
  30. I love pizza.
  31. My childhood dog was a Samoyed and her name was Belle.
  32. If I could be half the mom my mother is, I'd consider myself a HUGE success in the parenting thing.
  33. I've only had one real boyfriend in my life and I married him.
  34. I love computers and gadgets like my GPS, my iPod Touch.
  35. I go to Weight Watchers, but I don't stick to plan very well.
  36. I would like to take a class in photography when I retire.
  37. I'd like to retire.
  38. I'm a Harry Potter fanatic.
  39. I love riding on my husband's motorcycle with him.
  40. I like wood floors SO much more than I like rugs and carpet.
  41. I used to like gold more than I liked silver, but now I don't have a favorite.
  42. My baby grand niece has me wrapped around her tiny little finger.
  43. My favorite cake is yellow cake with milk chocolate icing.
  44. I miss my sister and wish she didn't live so far away.
  45. I spoke only Polish until I was about four-and-a-half, except, I guess, with my dad, but I can't speak a word of it now!  (But I can understand most of what I hear if I concentrate.)
  46. I love scrapbooking.
  47. I don't like NYC and would avoid going there if I could.
  48. I like love to eat.
  49. I remember watching Romper Room and Wonderama as a child, on our black and white television.
  50. I'm 50 years old!!!!  (It just doesn't seem possible!!!)
  51. Coffee, not tea.
  52. I love my dentist!
  53. If I miss church on a Sunday, it just feels like something is missing, and not right.
  54. My dream car would be a Turbo Lotus Esprit from the mid-1970s, in yellow with a black interior.
  55. I bought a cross ring the day my dad died, and have never taken it off since then.
  56. I volunteer every other week by reading for a 2nd grade class at my husband's school, for a Read Aloud program my company sponsors.
  57. I leave my Santa Claus collection up year round.
  58. I've only had four full-time jobs in my lifetime, and one for only two months, and only 2 part-time jobs.
  59. We attend two different churches, one at home and one at the lake on weekends we're there, but we're only registered at the one near our primary residence.
  60. I'm Catholic.
  61. I was a microbiology major for the first two years of my college career.
  62. I'm really quite shy and modest.
  63. I can remember not having to dial an area code unless it was for long distance, and I can also remember telephone numbers that sounded like this:  (PI)lgrim3-7407.
  64. The first LP I bought for myself was the double Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.  It cost $11.00 and that was more than HALF my monthly allowance in 1977.
  65. I'm a homebody and would rather be home than away.
  66. I love to window shop.
  67. I had only two rules in my house for my nephew and my niece:  no whining, and pay attention when I speak to you.
  68. As I get older, I truly think I suffer more and more from some sort of seasonal disorder.  I NEED some sunlight!!!
  69. I hate the Twilight series.
  70. I'd like to take a cooking class when I retire, too.
  71. I love notebooks and pocketbooks and can buy one at the drop of a hat!
  72. I spend every Monday night at my sister-in-law's house where we gossip and drink coffee and eat dessert.
  73. Irises are my favorite flower.
  74. I like to fly.
  75. I'm not a big stew person, although I like soup once in a while.
  76. I had an emergency appendectomy in January, 1969, and back surgery in July, 2001.
  77. I'm 1/2 Polish, and 1/2 American (of Dutch, British and Lenni Lenape descent)
  78. When I was a freshman in high school, my dad picked me up one day dressed as Santa Claus!
  79. I never went on a real "vacation" until I was about 13, and that was to Washington, DC, and Longwood Gardens with my family.
  80. We spent a couple of weeks each summer in Seaside Heights, NJ, while my dad stayed home and worked, or took his vacation and painted the house or did other jobs around the house.  He'd come and visit on weekends.
  81. I got Cs in gym class until the semester I cut class, and THEN I got a B.  And then I married a gym teacher.  Go figure.
  82. I worked in a photochemical company for 5 years - wonder if I glow in the dark?  This was WAY before we took so many precautions with hazardous chemicals...
  83. My wedding dress was the first one I tried on, NOT the one I dreamed about for years before I got engaged!  (THAT one looked AWFUL on me!)
  84. When I retire I want to learn to quilt.
  85. I make awesome cole slaw with my mom's recipe.
  86. Thank God for that show, Hoarders.  It makes me feel better about my pack-rat tendencies.  I'm nowhere NEAR as bad as those poor people!
  87. I make better quick and easy chicken soup with pre-cooked rotisserie chicken than I do chicken soup with a fresh/raw chicken.
  88. I don't like to cook meat - I like it well-done and I tend to think "it's a bit too pink" and then I leave it in a little longer and it becomes shoe leather!
  89. I like cold chocolate milk more than hot chocolate.
  90. My favorite Starbucks drink is an iced caramel macchiato.
  91. Dogs.  Not cats.
  92. I love to play slots at the casino!
  93. I don't like lobster.
  94. I can't wear heels higher than 2 inches or I'm sure I'd twist an ankle!
  95. Speaking of ankles, I love ankle bracelets.  And I never thought I'd like toe rings, but I do!
  96. My favorite weekly crime show is Criminal Minds.  I will rearrange my schedule to be home to watch it.  And the other show we refuse to miss is Castle.
  97. I would leave my husband for Clint Eastwood.  I'd come back, of course, but I'd have to go!!!  He's a god!!!
  98. My favorite engagement ring setting is a simple Tiffany setting - and that's what J got me.
  99. I like salty snacks better than sweet snacks.
  100. Mojitos rock!!!

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