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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I was SO darned happy to get home from my business trip, you have no idea!  I missed my husband, my bed, my shower...  Any my husband missed me, too.  So much so he put up a sign to welcome me home; I'll post a photo once I get it uploaded to my computer.

The trip home was tough - lots of turbulence.  It didn't make me sick, but apparently it really bothered my boss.  He commented the next day that he can handle turbulence that makes the plane rise and drop, but that side to side movement at the same time?  Not so much!

I came in on Wednesday evening.  Just in time for snow lightning and thunder and lots of icy slush on the ground.  And me in my flat work shoes and no boots.  Managed to step right into a cold puddle of slush outside the airport, and again outside the house.  COLD!

Finished the work week by working from home on Friday.  I had a doctor's appointment with a geriatric rheumatologist at 10am.  Yea, I didn't know he was a geriatric rhematologist when I made the appointment.  I was the youngest patient in there, and at 50, that's not saying much!  After a thorough review of my medical history and my symptoms, the doctor recommended a cortisone shot.  I know that J is anti-cortisone shot so when Dr. L. recommended one, I told him I wanted to call my husband first.  So I did.  And I explained that the doctor was convinced the injection would alleviate the swelling in my bursa that was, in his expert opinion, causing my hip pain.  Ultimately I decided to try the shot.

And OH.MY.GOD.  I'm walking almost normally again!  I've already made an appointment for the other hip, and if I need another shot, I'm going for it.  I haven't walked so comfortably or climbed stairs with so little pain in almost a YEAR.  I am going on the record right now:  this shot helped me.  I don't know how long this will last; the doctor thought this could conceivably "cure" the problem by reducing the inflammation.  I can't even imagine - but I'm going to give it a darn good shot.  Or two or three...

Well, have to go and update my iTouch - will be back later this week, hopefully with more photos...

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