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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Wisconsin, by way of Chicago

So if we were just a few miles north of Madison, we'd be getting 12" of snow.

Instead, it's 35 degrees with a REALLY chilly wind off the lake.  And it's raining.  A cold, cold rain.

And to make me SO happy to head home, 4"-8" of snow are due in NJ tomorrow (in the lake area) and up to 3" or 4" at home.

It's the end of March, for cryin' out loud.  It is officially spring.

As much as I love snow, it's time for spring.  It's time for crocuses, buds on the trees, sun, warmth, a long, tall, unsweetened iced tea on my front porch, in the porch swing.

It's time for the snow to go bye-bye.  Until next winter.  Not forever.

I was a bit worried since one of J's after-school workers was in WI last week and said there was still snow on the ground and it was cold...  I saw snow, but really only in about 2 or 3 patches; I saw a lot more flooding, as if all that snow melted and the water table was just f.u.l.l.  Plus they've apparently had some rain, too, at least these past couple of days...

So tomorrow I'm due back in Chicago for a 4:05pm flight home.  Thank you, God!  I do love to travel, but I miss my husband.  I'd prefer to travel with him, not leave him at home.  We both miss each other a lot.  Just knowing he's in the house, nearby, is comforting to me.  Having to sleep in these huge beds in the hotels just makes me miss him that much more.  Waking up in the middle of the night, realizing he's not just in the bathroom - that makes it harder to fall back asleep.  I miss knowing he's there, next to me. 

I'm a teeny bit worried about tomorrow - I have no book to read on the plane.  I might have to visit Hudson News in the airport and pick up a little something...

Counting down to HOME!!!

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