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Friday, March 28, 2008

It's NOT just Jack and me.

Was taking a peek at Dooce's daily style photo and she predicted that she and Jon will not be speaking tomorrow, after trying to hang photos and mirrors on their wall.

If Jack and I are ever this close to a divorce, it will be because I can see what he hangs on the wall, with or without the aid of a level, is crooked and not in the place I told him to hang it. And I don't need no stinkin' tools to see it, either!!

"It's crooked!"
"Move it up!"
"No, down!"
"No, that was too far!"
"Back up - wait! Stop! Right. There."

Then the nail is put in the wall in the wrong place and my picture is Not. Right. There.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Unless I can post from someone's laptop, all will be very quiet in Krys' World until I return from my trip. What trip? you ask. Okay. Here you go:

I leave Saturday, 03/29, at around 1pm, for San Diego. I will be attending a conference there for one of my better customers. My manager will be there with me, for a day or so, so I will have to really do some work for part of the time, anyway! The conference starts on Sunday, 03/30, and goes through noon on Wednesday, 04/02.

A person I know who lives in the SW is driving to San Diego on Sunday, 04/30, to spend a few days there with me. On Wednesday or Thursday we will be driving back to their hometown and I will be spending some time there with her.

While in SD, I'd like to visit a scrapping store or two, Sea World and the SD Zoo. In the unnamed town in which I'll be staying, I'd like to visit a scrapping store or two, I'll be meeting with a blog friend (Suzanne from www.letstalkorganizing.com), hopefully I'll be seeing a couple of cousins who live in the Mesa/Chandler areas, and I will be walking in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Sunday, 04/6 (https://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=259117&supId=123501866). I'll be leaving that night at around 10pm-ish, arriving back in NJ at 6:09am-ish.

I will NOT be at work on Monday. I will be sleeping for a while, then doing laundry, then making a welcome home dinner for me, then hugging my husband really hard when he gets home from work (IF I can last and not drive into town to see him before that!), and finally visiting both my mom and my sister-in-law 'cause I'll not have seen them for a week!

I will be bringing both cameras so hopefully I'll have loads of pictures to share...

Have to pack tonight and tomorrow - haven't even started! We're having dinner with friends tonight, so it will be a late night, and perhaps dinner with daughter and her boyfriend tomorrow, so another late night to come... Good think I don't leave the house 'til around 10:30am on Saturday!!

Will miss you all!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've already shared this with you, but it's time again to tell you that "my hubby don't do sick real well!"

He was sick three weeks ago (see March 7, 2008, blog entry, if you're interested!). He's still sick. The antibiotic ran out a week ago. The decongestant/cough supressant ran out then, too. He was still congested and still coughing, but does he call the doctor to renew his prescription? No. Does he take anything over the counter to try and combat the symptoms? No.

'Til Monday. He was suffering so bad with his head being stuffed up and coughing so bad his whole body hurts. His niece gave him a couple of Mucinex DMs. Well! They really worked well on the congestion in his head and chest, but boy howdy! He was literally up all night! He didn't sleep a wink! Which, by the way, adds to his crankiness level!

Finally! "Call the doctor, please!"

So I did. And we went last night. And it's viral, which means no antibiotic in the world is going to help him. So now he's taking Mucinex Extra Strength and Delsym every 12 hours. And I just talked to Donna, the BEST CVS PHARMACIST IN THE WORLD, and he can take a little Nyquil to help him sleep as long as it's four hours after the Delsym. Yay. I won't be woken up at 3:23am like I was this morning...

I went for my mammogram yesterday. I had a young, friendly technician who told me I wasn't a "Dory" patient.

Mm-hmm. A "Dory" patient.

No, I didn't have a clue either. Apparently it's a reference to Dory in Finding Nemo. Dory is a bit, well, flighty. A bit ADD. There are patients, according to this technician, who just don't do what they're told.

"Hold your breath."
"Sigh." (Inhale.) "Sigh."

"Put your arm here."
"Okay." (Technician goes to take xray.) Patient drops arm.

They just don't listen.

I, on the other hand, a model patient! I hold my breath. I stay in position. My pictures came out beautifully! (Diagnosis to come.)

I'll bet hubby would be a "Dory" patient...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter, one day late!
I'm picture-less. Here's a word picture for you:

  • Home to putter around 'til it was time to pick up Mom for dinner at the Olive Garden.
  • Called the Olive Garden at 2:30 only to find out there was a 1-1/2 hour wait.
  • Decided to go somewhere else.
  • Made 3 wooden crosses with flowers for the cemeteries.
  • Went to visit Babci, Dziadzi, and Cioci Eliza, Dad, and Mom and Dad S. and leave their crosses.
  • Went to Red Robin.
  • Went home for 1/2 hour to wait for dessert at my sister-in-law's house.
  • Picked up Mom and went for dessert.
  • Ate dessert.
  • Dropped Mom off at her house and went home.
  • Watched TV 'til bedtime.
  • And here I am, Monday morning...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Babies, babies everywhere!!!

(To borrow what should have been the subject line from my friend's email this morning...) Called my friend CT in Missouri yesterday morning, worried that the flooding we've been seeing on the news was affecting him or his family. Thankfully it's a good 40 miles south of him - good for him, no so much for those poor families who are losing everything. The TV news here in NJ/NY were saying the "Big River" was overflowing, but without a map handy, it was easier to call and leave a message that I was worried it was close to him...

Not only did he email me back to relieve my fears, he sent an update on his family. Three of his nieces and nephews are giving birth in the next several months. Now, considering they're all in their 20s, this shouldn't be such a shock to anyone. The thing is, I met most of these kids when they were, oh, 2, 3, 4 years old, maybe 6. I'm feeling most elderly at the ripe old age of 47.

I was looking in the mirror the other day, smiling at myself and grimacing at the lines now appearing near my eyes... Yuk. Whilst menopause has yet to rear its ugly head, I'm definitely feeling as though I'm looking more my age than I have in the past. Although when reading my monthly issue of More magazine, I'm constantly asking DH, "Does she look older or younger than me?" God bless him, he still says older, even if sometimes there's a microscopic pause...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So, tomorrow I'll be ill.

Not really, but I'm calling out 'cause we have an event to attend. DH is a director on the board of our credit union and tomorrow is the big, annual dinner. I have been the door-person for the past three years and will be doing it again tomorrow. I have to make sure all partygoers sign in, receive their little gift bag, and get their doorprize ticket.

There might be some trouble. There's a person who lost his/her job at the CU for what amounts to manipulating his/her family's loans and his/her spouse wants to come in and speak to the crowd. We've hired a police officer, for the first time, to be on duty in case that person and/or his/her family makes a scene and needs to be escorted out the door...

Bigger news:

DD has decided to move in with her boyfriend. Remember the boyfriend we like better than previous boyfriends? He took her to Aruba, bought her what he considers to be an "everyday" platinum and diamond ring and diamond studs (1/2 karat each) while they were away. He wanted to get engaged while they were away, but they didn't, for a number of reasons: DD hadn't even used the L-word with him yet (ultimately she did, while they were away, and she swears it wasn't under the influence of alcohol or diamonds!) and she told him he couldn't even think about asking her until he'd spoken to all four of her parents! That would be us! I never thought she'd be so traditional; I was totally flabergasted when she told me that!! Love it!! Will totally torture him when the time comes!!!

Hubby isn't thrilled (although he does like DD's boyfriend), but since we moved in together without the benefit of a priest, he can't very much say anything to DD. Although we are taking the stand of "do it 'cause you want to, not because he wore you down!"

The boyfriend (hereafter referred to as DD's BoyF) has been saying for a while that he wants to marry DD, that he was falling in love with her, that he fell in love with her, that he wanted to move in together, that he wanted to marry her, that he knows they'll eventually get married - not in a kind of dangerous-stalker way, but in a lovingly certain way...

So far, I like him. He hurts her, and he's on my list forever!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

We have two dear friends who have relocated to Cape Cod. Anita just opened an online shop to sell her handmade cards. I know she also makes some of the paper she uses. Please take some time to visit her site. I know you'll love the cards! She sends us a handmade card for every occasion - we've kept them all!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

DH and I have done the sick thing. I had a bad cold in January, one that kept me home from work three days. Those of you that know me know that I don't like to waste sick days on being sick - sick days are for when you need a mental health day, a day away from the office or your head will explode, or a day when you get a chance to drive into Tower Records in NYC and see Patrick Swayze, live and in person, during his Dirty Dancing days... (Hi, Laura!)

Jack has been sick this past week, and continues to cough/choke/sleep these days, but he's much better than he was. He didn't miss a day of work 'cause he doesn't believe in not working, but then again, he gets paid extra if he doesn't take them... (Incentive, it's a wonderful thing!)

Now it's DD's turn. Poor baby is so sick that she called out today, and her boyfriend is sick, too, and called out. She just texted me to see if it would be stupid to go to the hospital - she's so dehydrated (since 2am this morning) that her lips are already chapped, and she's dizzy. I told her to go, volunteered to come home and take her; that's when she said The Guy was there, sick as well. She tried to reach the doctor but the service is no help and the office doesn't open 'til 10am. I think she's heading for the ER; she has insurance - maybe they can at least give her something to make her stop throwing up...

This isn't good; she has two funerals to attend tomorrow. I kinda think she might miss them both. Well, at least I hope she does. One, her mom's uncle, the other, a dear friend's dad. (Condolences to the families...) If I had anything to say about it, I'd recommend she not go - not only 'cause she's sick as that proverbial dog, but because I don't think you really want to pass this along to people who are already so sick at heart they feel physically ill, too...

Just to round out the family, my SIL has been really ill, too. Over a month ago she was scratched badly by one of her cats. She got an infection, a bad one - the scratch got all puffy and a red line started moving up her arm. The dr put her on high dosage antibiotics. After numerous dr visits to numerous drs (a whole 'nother story in itself!), SIL wound up with diarrhea for the past two weeks which has finally be attributed to C. diff. colitis. Apparently the intense antibiotic regimen they gave her for the infection messed up the balance of good and bad bacteria in her colon. This is so bad that it could have been fatal if left untreated, but after many more dr visits and other medication and dietary suggestions, she visited our gastro guy, Dr. M., and he diagnosed it, put her on the right medicine, and promised her she'd be well soon. Thank goodness they found out what it was! My SIL weighs in at a hefty 102 pounds in the winter, when she's wearing boots and heavy clothing, so imagine a 5-pound weight loss on her... When I hug her I feel like I'm going to crush her, she's so tiny and fragile. And that's on a GOOD day!!!

Get well, all of you!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Tomorrow I'm having dinner with an old friend. MAR and I used to spend many evenings together, when she was single, living in an apartment in Clifton. We worked together, then I'd go over there, we'd order pizza (" One Domino's Garbage Pie, hold the anchovies!"), then have coffee and Entenmann's Pineapple Crunch Loaf. WHICH, to our great displeasure, is no longer available locally. [See title of post!!!]

In honor of our years spent in such decadent dining, we will be having pizza, then coffee and some kind of cake, the exact one is yet to be determined. Suffice it to say we will have lots to talk about, and will laugh a lot, reminisce a lot, maybe shed a few tears of laughter - I can't wait!!!

I have a scrapping day planned for Saturday. 12 hours of creativity. 12 hours of scrapping. 12 hours of card-making. 12 hours of time spent doing something I like to do, without painting the bathroom, without moving furniture, without going to Home Depot. Although I'm sure I'll wind up going to HD on the way home, and I'll probably have to paint on Sunday...

Sometimes I wonder if I should be blogging here. I used to keep diaries. For years. I started April 16, 1977, the day Elvis died. (I may have mentioned that somewhere earlier in this blog.) There's a lot in those books that I don't want anyone to ever read. So, slowly but surely, I've been destroying them, after reading them again, of course. I will never forget those days. I will never forget those people. I will never regret those choices. Even though, today, as an adult, I see the error of my ways, those decisions brought me to today, to the "me" I am today. I can't regret a one of them. (But that doesn't mean I want anyone to know about them!!! Nothing illegal or immoral, but perhaps not the smartest decisions I've ever made in my life!)

I like to share, though, and I guess that's what this is all about. I haven't told my nearest and dearest about this blog; only my sister P reads it regularly. My other sister doesn't know about it and (P, are you listening?!) I probably will never tell her about it. Because she'll not take anything I said about her as it was intended. It will become criticism, instead of me just venting. It will be something to hold against me, instead of seeing it just lets me air my concerns to a neutral third party. It will cause problems. So I won't tell her about it. But I do enjoy comments from my readers. Keep 'em up!

I guess when I retire, when I have more time to blog, when I have time to create those works of art I have every intention of creating, I'll have time to turn this blog into something to be proud of: an outlet where I can show you pages and pictures, where I can plan what I write so that it's not just stream of consciousness...

In the meantime, I like talking with my friends, sharing stories, spending a few moments together, so come and visit again soon!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I don't know how many of you watch weather from around the world or the U.S....

NJ had some torrential downpours this past weekend and some real strong winds. We don't normally suffer from them too often, but when we do, it seems they're, well, real strong! I saw several trees uprooted in our local area, Nutley to be specific, and one or two of them even made the news this morning! There were many families in Nutley without power since Saturday night.

Now, in general, I know that being without power for one day isn't that big a deal. Lord knows there are people who are without power for sometimes weeks at a time, after a large storm, and there are people who live their whole lives without an A/C or a television! But Nutley - well, Nutley is a town that started out as primarily Italian working class, but has slowly changed over to young, yuppy families who expect - and demand - a lot for their high Essex County taxes. I can only imagine the cell phone calls this weekend!!!

Speaking of rain, though (which is actually why I began this post!), DH and I took a ride up to our lakehouse yesterday to check and see how things faired over the weekend of weather. First of all, the lake is back up to summer levels, if not exceeding them! (It's lowered in the winter by several feet.) Second, we now have about a $10,000 job to do - our dock was torn loose from the sea wall; it's holding on by a mere bolt! Let me tell you, it's something we planned to, but we really didn't want it to be something we had to do.

Well, lots 'o' work to do, so for now, I'm signing out!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Loads to do.
Getting it done.
Slowly but surely.
Proud of myself.
Looking forward to the weekend.

That's the word of the week.

In case you all hadn't noticed yet, men (at least the men of my acquaintance) don't do sick well.

In fact, they absolutely suck at it!

I was sick a week in January. I stayed home, called in to work two days to participate in 4-hour conference calls so I didn't miss my sales meetings entirely. I stayed in bed for three days, sleeping a lot, coughing more, and wishing with all my heart I could get well. I took myself to the doctor, picked up my own medicine, and made my own b'fast, lunch and dinner, when I felt like eating.

Jack? Uh-uh.

He's at work. Admittedly he's one up on me with that. But the key is: THEY ALL WANT HIM TO GO HOME. AND HE WON'T. Where's the point in being a martyr? Will they give him a huge raise for coming in when he's so sick? I think not. Will they congratulate him and give him a huge raise for infecting all the children and teachers in the school? I think not. Will he get to leave early or not come in on days when he's feeling well and can have some fun with his wife? I think not.

SO WHY THE H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEYSTICKS DOES HE HAVE TO GO INTO SCHOOL SICK? Any why-oh-why do I have to remind him to take his medicine, eat some dinner, rest so he can get better?

He's 56, soon to be 57 (April 12th). I think he's old enough to do sick better.