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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So, tomorrow I'll be ill.

Not really, but I'm calling out 'cause we have an event to attend. DH is a director on the board of our credit union and tomorrow is the big, annual dinner. I have been the door-person for the past three years and will be doing it again tomorrow. I have to make sure all partygoers sign in, receive their little gift bag, and get their doorprize ticket.

There might be some trouble. There's a person who lost his/her job at the CU for what amounts to manipulating his/her family's loans and his/her spouse wants to come in and speak to the crowd. We've hired a police officer, for the first time, to be on duty in case that person and/or his/her family makes a scene and needs to be escorted out the door...

Bigger news:

DD has decided to move in with her boyfriend. Remember the boyfriend we like better than previous boyfriends? He took her to Aruba, bought her what he considers to be an "everyday" platinum and diamond ring and diamond studs (1/2 karat each) while they were away. He wanted to get engaged while they were away, but they didn't, for a number of reasons: DD hadn't even used the L-word with him yet (ultimately she did, while they were away, and she swears it wasn't under the influence of alcohol or diamonds!) and she told him he couldn't even think about asking her until he'd spoken to all four of her parents! That would be us! I never thought she'd be so traditional; I was totally flabergasted when she told me that!! Love it!! Will totally torture him when the time comes!!!

Hubby isn't thrilled (although he does like DD's boyfriend), but since we moved in together without the benefit of a priest, he can't very much say anything to DD. Although we are taking the stand of "do it 'cause you want to, not because he wore you down!"

The boyfriend (hereafter referred to as DD's BoyF) has been saying for a while that he wants to marry DD, that he was falling in love with her, that he fell in love with her, that he wanted to move in together, that he wanted to marry her, that he knows they'll eventually get married - not in a kind of dangerous-stalker way, but in a lovingly certain way...

So far, I like him. He hurts her, and he's on my list forever!!!

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Miss Hope said...

Oh wow. How on earth am I going to let my girls make life decisions like this? I can have a full blown panic attack over the idea of them sharing living space with a male who isn't Dad or a brother.

Under the influence of alcohol or diamonds, huh? Oh, man, did I laugh when I read that.

Tell your DD that honeymoon spots are great down this way!!! (And I can watch out for them! heh heh)