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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've already shared this with you, but it's time again to tell you that "my hubby don't do sick real well!"

He was sick three weeks ago (see March 7, 2008, blog entry, if you're interested!). He's still sick. The antibiotic ran out a week ago. The decongestant/cough supressant ran out then, too. He was still congested and still coughing, but does he call the doctor to renew his prescription? No. Does he take anything over the counter to try and combat the symptoms? No.

'Til Monday. He was suffering so bad with his head being stuffed up and coughing so bad his whole body hurts. His niece gave him a couple of Mucinex DMs. Well! They really worked well on the congestion in his head and chest, but boy howdy! He was literally up all night! He didn't sleep a wink! Which, by the way, adds to his crankiness level!

Finally! "Call the doctor, please!"

So I did. And we went last night. And it's viral, which means no antibiotic in the world is going to help him. So now he's taking Mucinex Extra Strength and Delsym every 12 hours. And I just talked to Donna, the BEST CVS PHARMACIST IN THE WORLD, and he can take a little Nyquil to help him sleep as long as it's four hours after the Delsym. Yay. I won't be woken up at 3:23am like I was this morning...

I went for my mammogram yesterday. I had a young, friendly technician who told me I wasn't a "Dory" patient.

Mm-hmm. A "Dory" patient.

No, I didn't have a clue either. Apparently it's a reference to Dory in Finding Nemo. Dory is a bit, well, flighty. A bit ADD. There are patients, according to this technician, who just don't do what they're told.

"Hold your breath."
"Sigh." (Inhale.) "Sigh."

"Put your arm here."
"Okay." (Technician goes to take xray.) Patient drops arm.

They just don't listen.

I, on the other hand, a model patient! I hold my breath. I stay in position. My pictures came out beautifully! (Diagnosis to come.)

I'll bet hubby would be a "Dory" patient...

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