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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Tomorrow I'm having dinner with an old friend. MAR and I used to spend many evenings together, when she was single, living in an apartment in Clifton. We worked together, then I'd go over there, we'd order pizza (" One Domino's Garbage Pie, hold the anchovies!"), then have coffee and Entenmann's Pineapple Crunch Loaf. WHICH, to our great displeasure, is no longer available locally. [See title of post!!!]

In honor of our years spent in such decadent dining, we will be having pizza, then coffee and some kind of cake, the exact one is yet to be determined. Suffice it to say we will have lots to talk about, and will laugh a lot, reminisce a lot, maybe shed a few tears of laughter - I can't wait!!!

I have a scrapping day planned for Saturday. 12 hours of creativity. 12 hours of scrapping. 12 hours of card-making. 12 hours of time spent doing something I like to do, without painting the bathroom, without moving furniture, without going to Home Depot. Although I'm sure I'll wind up going to HD on the way home, and I'll probably have to paint on Sunday...

Sometimes I wonder if I should be blogging here. I used to keep diaries. For years. I started April 16, 1977, the day Elvis died. (I may have mentioned that somewhere earlier in this blog.) There's a lot in those books that I don't want anyone to ever read. So, slowly but surely, I've been destroying them, after reading them again, of course. I will never forget those days. I will never forget those people. I will never regret those choices. Even though, today, as an adult, I see the error of my ways, those decisions brought me to today, to the "me" I am today. I can't regret a one of them. (But that doesn't mean I want anyone to know about them!!! Nothing illegal or immoral, but perhaps not the smartest decisions I've ever made in my life!)

I like to share, though, and I guess that's what this is all about. I haven't told my nearest and dearest about this blog; only my sister P reads it regularly. My other sister doesn't know about it and (P, are you listening?!) I probably will never tell her about it. Because she'll not take anything I said about her as it was intended. It will become criticism, instead of me just venting. It will be something to hold against me, instead of seeing it just lets me air my concerns to a neutral third party. It will cause problems. So I won't tell her about it. But I do enjoy comments from my readers. Keep 'em up!

I guess when I retire, when I have more time to blog, when I have time to create those works of art I have every intention of creating, I'll have time to turn this blog into something to be proud of: an outlet where I can show you pages and pictures, where I can plan what I write so that it's not just stream of consciousness...

In the meantime, I like talking with my friends, sharing stories, spending a few moments together, so come and visit again soon!!!

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