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Friday, March 28, 2008

It's NOT just Jack and me.

Was taking a peek at Dooce's daily style photo and she predicted that she and Jon will not be speaking tomorrow, after trying to hang photos and mirrors on their wall.

If Jack and I are ever this close to a divorce, it will be because I can see what he hangs on the wall, with or without the aid of a level, is crooked and not in the place I told him to hang it. And I don't need no stinkin' tools to see it, either!!

"It's crooked!"
"Move it up!"
"No, down!"
"No, that was too far!"
"Back up - wait! Stop! Right. There."

Then the nail is put in the wall in the wrong place and my picture is Not. Right. There.

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Miss Hope said...

My husband is a rare breed called a "nuke". They are super anal about most anything in life. I bought this really cute little sign that I wanted hung before hosting a get together.

Me? I would have backed up, squinted, and guess-timated on where it should go, tap in a nail, hang that sucker, and call it a day.

The hubby? Would measure said sign, measure space where sign is going, make tiny measurements for all four corners of sign, hold sign there to see if that's going to look proper, (see where I'm going?)........

He wears me out. But it always looks good when he's done.

Next story? His installing of my landscaping yard lights......