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Monday, March 10, 2008

I don't know how many of you watch weather from around the world or the U.S....

NJ had some torrential downpours this past weekend and some real strong winds. We don't normally suffer from them too often, but when we do, it seems they're, well, real strong! I saw several trees uprooted in our local area, Nutley to be specific, and one or two of them even made the news this morning! There were many families in Nutley without power since Saturday night.

Now, in general, I know that being without power for one day isn't that big a deal. Lord knows there are people who are without power for sometimes weeks at a time, after a large storm, and there are people who live their whole lives without an A/C or a television! But Nutley - well, Nutley is a town that started out as primarily Italian working class, but has slowly changed over to young, yuppy families who expect - and demand - a lot for their high Essex County taxes. I can only imagine the cell phone calls this weekend!!!

Speaking of rain, though (which is actually why I began this post!), DH and I took a ride up to our lakehouse yesterday to check and see how things faired over the weekend of weather. First of all, the lake is back up to summer levels, if not exceeding them! (It's lowered in the winter by several feet.) Second, we now have about a $10,000 job to do - our dock was torn loose from the sea wall; it's holding on by a mere bolt! Let me tell you, it's something we planned to, but we really didn't want it to be something we had to do.

Well, lots 'o' work to do, so for now, I'm signing out!

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