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Thursday, March 13, 2008

DH and I have done the sick thing. I had a bad cold in January, one that kept me home from work three days. Those of you that know me know that I don't like to waste sick days on being sick - sick days are for when you need a mental health day, a day away from the office or your head will explode, or a day when you get a chance to drive into Tower Records in NYC and see Patrick Swayze, live and in person, during his Dirty Dancing days... (Hi, Laura!)

Jack has been sick this past week, and continues to cough/choke/sleep these days, but he's much better than he was. He didn't miss a day of work 'cause he doesn't believe in not working, but then again, he gets paid extra if he doesn't take them... (Incentive, it's a wonderful thing!)

Now it's DD's turn. Poor baby is so sick that she called out today, and her boyfriend is sick, too, and called out. She just texted me to see if it would be stupid to go to the hospital - she's so dehydrated (since 2am this morning) that her lips are already chapped, and she's dizzy. I told her to go, volunteered to come home and take her; that's when she said The Guy was there, sick as well. She tried to reach the doctor but the service is no help and the office doesn't open 'til 10am. I think she's heading for the ER; she has insurance - maybe they can at least give her something to make her stop throwing up...

This isn't good; she has two funerals to attend tomorrow. I kinda think she might miss them both. Well, at least I hope she does. One, her mom's uncle, the other, a dear friend's dad. (Condolences to the families...) If I had anything to say about it, I'd recommend she not go - not only 'cause she's sick as that proverbial dog, but because I don't think you really want to pass this along to people who are already so sick at heart they feel physically ill, too...

Just to round out the family, my SIL has been really ill, too. Over a month ago she was scratched badly by one of her cats. She got an infection, a bad one - the scratch got all puffy and a red line started moving up her arm. The dr put her on high dosage antibiotics. After numerous dr visits to numerous drs (a whole 'nother story in itself!), SIL wound up with diarrhea for the past two weeks which has finally be attributed to C. diff. colitis. Apparently the intense antibiotic regimen they gave her for the infection messed up the balance of good and bad bacteria in her colon. This is so bad that it could have been fatal if left untreated, but after many more dr visits and other medication and dietary suggestions, she visited our gastro guy, Dr. M., and he diagnosed it, put her on the right medicine, and promised her she'd be well soon. Thank goodness they found out what it was! My SIL weighs in at a hefty 102 pounds in the winter, when she's wearing boots and heavy clothing, so imagine a 5-pound weight loss on her... When I hug her I feel like I'm going to crush her, she's so tiny and fragile. And that's on a GOOD day!!!

Get well, all of you!!!

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