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Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday the 17th

So I've lost 10 pounds since the beginning of December.  That's a nice start, but I have a way to go.  I'd LOVE to lose another 10 to 15 by the time I go to Mexico in April for my nephew's wedding.  We're going to Cabo.  Yes, Cabo.  Where the stars go to play.  Not that I will see any stars, I'm sure, but it would be nice if I could buy some new clothes for the trip, specifically a new bathing suit.  I have several, one of which I actually wear, but the one will be a bit loose on me, if I can keep this weight off, so I'm going to start shopping once the spring and summer clothes come out...

I have a few sundresses that will be great for the dinners and the breakfasts, and I do need some non-junky shorts and tops for in between.  And of course I need a "dress for the wedding."  So with the help of WW's new Points Plus Program, I'm going to do this.

I have chosen a word for the year:  FOCUS.

I need to FOCUS on weight loss, on saving money, on taking more photos, on being a better all around person, on eating more healthy homemade meals (aside from the weight loss benefits, I/we have some bad habits - we eat out a lot).  I bought myself a necklace to wear every day that includes the word "FOCUS" on it - I'll post a picture of it here when it arrives, along with a link to the supplier.  It's going to be my anchor, a WW thing that I think and hope might work for the rest of my life, not just my weight loss...

We're on our way out the door to Lowe's - PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that I can find a color to paint my hallway and living room - hubby is getting a bit impatient with me.  I know I want a taupe, some sort of taupe, but I don't want the hallway to be too dark so I'm a bit afraid - the ones I like are on the darker side, rather than the lighter side.  I picked one several years ago that's on the wall now:  compared to the white ceiling, it definitely had some color.  UNTIL we painted all the walls with it and it just looks like, well, another shade of white.

I need to FOCUS on paint chips today...

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Carolina Girl said...

Wow congrats! That's amazing. I am back on the WW program too, but it's a slow process right now. I need more activity, which I think will help a lot! Congrats again!!