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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold and snow...

We drove up to the lake house to check out the snow and the cold...  I was up there last Saturday and had to climb through the snow that was there then in my sneakers and couldn't find a snow shovel.  That's 'cause it's not where it was all summer long, in the first floor shower where we stood it to let the snow melt last winter!  (Don't judge me - we don't use that shower since we added the second floor and the shower curtain stays closed...)  It turns out that sometime in the fall Jack decided to put it where it belongs - in the shed in the backyard.  Where the snow was even deeper...


Went inside the house and checked our weather station.  It was so cold the LED read-out was dim.  But it was visible enough to show that the temperature inside was  49 degrees and outside it was 26 degrees.

Then I ran to the thermostat to check the heaters, to be sure that the heat was working the way it was supposed to, and it was.  We have the heat set to 46 degrees, warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing.  It's amazing how warm 46 degrees can feel when it's in single digits outside first thing in the morning!

I walked out on the deck and yes, the lake is officially frozen.  Out on the lake there was a tent for one of the ice fishermen, and another one had a deck chair, an ATV and a grill.  We were too busy (and frankly, it was too darn cold!!) to take a walk on the lake but we'll  probably do it next weekend, if it's just a tiny bit warmer.  The wind is cold to begin with, but when it blows across the frozen lake - DANG!  It's just too darn cold!!!

Here's what the front of the house looked like from the front door - I really do love snow!!!

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Miss Hope said...

I have to laugh because I am in awe of the people who live North and aren't afraid to get out in snow. The South will shut down in a heartbeat over flurries. My husband grew up in snow and has no problem driving in it, but living here? He hates to drive in it because the idiots (like me) who can't drive in it are out and about. lol Oh yeah, when I see a flurry, I gladly let him drive!

Pictures are beautiful. Post card perfect!