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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last Week's Crop

On January 15 I spent the day at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Rockaway, scrapping away with the Scrap Addicts Unlimited Meet Up group.  Not, perhaps, my most productive day, but I did catch up on E's baby album, worked a bit on my picture files on the computer, and started a couple of other pages.

Last month my friend E spent the day with me; this month I was on my own, but had a great time with my scrapping friends!  Here's a view of the room, from my seat at the back.  I was the last table in the middle, at the back end of the room.  You can see there was another double row of tables against the windows, one behind me, and than against the wall you can't see (outside the right side of the photo) was a single row of vendor tables. 

This is Bea.  She's a scrapping friend I met through the Morris County Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Meetup Group that M and D started years ago.  Thet's the first group I joined, and it's a wonderful group of ladies I'm proud to call friends of mine.  Bea lives in Mendham Park and has an absolutely GORGEOUS home.  She hosted a few scrapping meet ups at her house a few years ago, before she lived in remodeling hell while her kitchen and family room were gutted and redone.  (Personally the original was awesome, and I haven't seen the new and improved version, but I'm sure it's stunning!)

And here are a couple of the pages I started.  The one with Mom will eventually get framed.  The one with my gorgeous daughter?  That one will wind up in my family book.  Took that photo at the Kindergarten graduation she ran last year at the after-school program.  We're so proud of her - she did a great job!

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February's scrapping day is the 12th, so I'm not sure yet if I'll be there - our long weekend is the weekend after so perhaps we won't celebrate St. Valentine's Day the weekend it actually happens; maybe we'll do something the following weekend. 

Of course, I have to schedule my 1st colonoscopy soon; perhaps that 3-day weekend would be a good choice...  IF the doctor's working that weekend...  (See what happens when you turn 50?!?)


Mrs.B said...

Wonderful pages. They both could be framed.

Did Maria get married yet?

Mrs.B said...

DUH!! I know that if Maria got married you would have posted tons of pictures. What I really meant to ask was did they set a date yet?