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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Lot's is happening in my business life. Just found out they're adding 6 more states to my territory. I now cover, in no particular order:
  • my original states - Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia
  • my newly added states - Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska

I'm sure you can guess which one appeals to me the most: Missouri! My bestest college friend lives in the St. Louis area, in St. Charles, to be exact. And his parents live in Kansas City. And if I have large enough accounts to warrant a trip to those particular locations, I could actually visit with them and see them and that would be phenomenal!!!

Iowa? Nebraska? I don't know yet how much business is in each state, and obviously my goal is to build up the territory so I'll be looking for more business in each state.

I also found out today that they're adding a whole new class of trade to my reseller responsibilities. Yesterday I sold to trade associations and catalog resellers. Today I'm also doing bulk sales. Mm-hm. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I'll have to make it exciting, if it turns out to be dull and boring. I got those states from one of my colleagues, Kim. She sits right next to me in the office. She has one of those voices they use for voiceovers (if you call our IT department, you hear her say, "You have reached the IT department. Please listen as our menu choices have changed. For IT support, press 1. For AS400 support, press 2. If you'd like to leave a message,..." Forget it! You don't really care!). Her customers are in for an awakening: first thing in the morning you can't tell I'm not a guy. My voice is not very feminine, at least not in my opinion, at least not first thing in the morning. And I talk really fast when I'm talking to a stranger. Really fast. Almost faster than I can type...

I think I'm going to take a picture of my desk here at work tomorrow so you can see what 6 new states and a new class of trade looks like. It's a bit frightening since I really do pride myself on keeping my office neat and orderly (unlike my home!). I have paper all over, like a paper bomb exploded on top of my desk and all around my cubicle! If I was compulsively clean, I'd be shaking right about now...

Tonight we're moving my daughter back into her new apartment, which we moved her into and out of last week. The apartment complex has basically sterilized it: washed the rug four times, painted three times, stripped the cabinets to remove the smoke/nicotine, fumigated, pulled out the refrigerator and the oven and cleaned and painted behind them, bleached the tiles and the entire bathroom. Hmm, did they do anything else? I think that's it. In fact, the former tenant is all upset that they did all this 'cause she feels like it makes her look dirty. Hey, lady, if the shoe fits!!!

Okay, that's enough blogging for now - DH is on his way to pick me up so we can go home, change, chow down and go move DD.


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