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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No longer a beached white whale...

We had BEAUTIFUL weather this past holiday weekend! I was able to spend several hours doing nothing more strenuous than oiling up my body and trying to make it look a little more tanned and a lot less white... Being successful at something is a wonderful thing. It makes you feel so accomplished. I have achieved the start of my annual summer tan.

Living next to a lake for 2 days a week, 52 weeks a year, 16 weeks of which are in late spring, summer, and early fall, you'd think I would find it easy to lose that pasty white winter look. But alas, no.

The first few years we were at the lake we made time to tan. We'd ride on "the boat that came with the house" and automatically we'd look pretty good, what with the sun reflecting off the water tanning us whether we tried or not! But then the dock was damaged and we couldn't put the boat in the water, so we merely tanned on the dock for a year. Then last year we built the addition, so we spent last year working, not tanning. And again this year, we will be sans "the boat that came with the house." Our dock, once again, was damaged by the winter ice and is now holding on to our bulkhead by literally a bolt. So again, no boat.

But I did manage to tan for a good six hours this weekend, and I look almost healthy and non-vampiric! (Is that a word?!?) I look as though I've been exposed to sunlight for part of my 47+ years. Thank the Lord!

Yes, I'm aware of the horrors of skin cancer/melanoma, but I am determined to look almost healthy when I croak! (Yes, readers, I am kidding. I would never risk my health by turning my looks-less-than-my-47-years skin into leather by tanning myself so dark I look like a California raisin!) I just want some color, and since I'm not one to wear a lot of makeup, I do allow myself a bit of a tan in the summer months...

My ducks were SOOO friendly this weekend. They literally stood on my foot, and stretched themselves to head-level (MY head when sitting on the lounge chair feeding them!) to grab pieces of potato roll from my fingers! They're so cute. Took LOTS'o'pix so when I get them downloaded, I'll be sure to post some on this site... Watch for them later this week!

I bought some paper so I can make little favors for J's graduation (!). Also spoke with A about a replacement gift for her sweet-16 cross - we looked, and I looked without her, but can't find one in my price range. I'd like to spend $400-$600 on the thing (on the cross alone!) but it's just not possible now. I have to put gas in my car to go shopping, you know?!? So we talked and she wants a chain, too, which I might be able to do more easily while remaining within my budget. After all, she's just 16, not getting married!

C got herself a new car yesterday. A 2008 Subaru - am hoping to get over there to see it tonight... Yea, you!

Went to my SIL's last night. Now I pride myself on being rather sophisticated, but I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I heard this one!

I have a wonderfully smart and accomplished nephew on J's side. He's 36 or so, working his a$$ off in NYC, living in a 2-room apartment (bedroom and living room w/ a kitchenette, plus the required miniscule bathroom). Now, granted, he's in a building that has a doorman and, more importantly, an elevator! (We helped move him into a 4th floor walk-up several years ago, on 92nd Street - OMG! Once I got upstairs, I was done!) He just got approved to move to the penthouse floor (NOT in THE penthouse, mind you), into an apartment that has (drum roll, please!) 100 square feet more! Oh, and a small balcony, too. And here's the punchline: FOR $1000 MORE A MONTH!

My BIL outright asked his son what the rent was: he will be paying $4150 a month for this new apartment, which could fit inside my house several times over!!

I did a little math. He will be paying $49800 out of pocket for an apartment. That's JUST a bit shy of what I make a year, GROSS!!! Now I know he earns a lot of money and believe me, he works hard and long for it. BUT OMG!!! Can you imagine, even in this economy, what he could get here in NJ for that much per month? Even for thousands less per month?!???

All I can say is, OMG!!!

Speaking of how much things cost... Just got an email from an old boss who's now living in England. He filled up his Mazda Miata with gas this morning, and it cost him $100US. I had to ask. Gas is $11.00US per gallon!!! Makes my almost $4 per gallon look good!


Deb said...

Read your comment on Snick's blog and it made me very sad. I think there is a lot of truth to what the fella said at your dad's funeral. I bet it is/was painfully hard for you, but yeah your mom. I have been married for 24 years and have never lost anyone close to me, but I cannot imagine it being the one I chose. Those words are chilling to me and as I type it it gives me goosebumps. I do think that loss may be the hardest loss there is (of course my perception may be skewed since as I said I have never lost anyone). But oh the sadness of it all.

I enjoyed reading your blog and I am glad that you (too) were able to get some sun. Same here and now I feel somehow skinnier - is that possible (lol). I know all the dangers too but to me it seems better to have the glow of a tan ... ah, summer ...

Patrick said...

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