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Friday, May 23, 2008

An early Happy Memorial Day to you all!!!

Memorial Day isn't really a happy kind of day. We spend a bit of time remembering those who have gone before, not only our war veterans, but our family members. My MIL died on 05/24/01 so this weekend will be a tough one in our house. I miss her so much more than I ever thought I would. Thanks to her my husband is a family-oriented, caring, thoughtful man who knows how to make the best tomato sauce from scratch I've ever tasted! Mom was a terrific cook and DH must have learned it by osmosis. I'm a bit ticked that she left us so early, before she had a chance to teach me how to cook...

But on the other hand, Memorial Day weekend is a great time for us! 1/2 day today, off on Monday - 3-1/2 glorious days with good weather promised for every one! Here in NJ we've been having not such great weather - cold, rain, yuk... It might even hit 80 (or the 80s, depending on which TV station you watch)!

My personal goal for this weekend: get some color so I don't look like a beached white whale when I remove my winter garments for some with less fabric...

Went last night to a new place to get some highlights - my roots were showing a bit too much. I like the job she did, but boy can she talk! I'm not sure I can handle her too often! Plus she charged me to blow out my hair. I have hair shorter that doesn't even touch my shoulders and it was a $120 bill! If I'd known she was going to charge me to dry it, I'd have left looking like I just stepped out a shower and fixed it up at home. Now that I know, if I decide to go there again, I'll just tell her outright, "No thanks, it's cheaper to blowdry it at home!"

26 more days 'til my sister arrives!!! Yay! The only bad thing is that I'm in sales conferences all that week before she gets here and I'm not sure if I can take any time off; with so much time NOT being spent at my desk, I'll be WAY behind for sure if I take that Friday off... But then again, how much more behind can I be if I'm 5 days behind as opposed to 4? It's not like I'll get caught up in that 1 day... Maybe I'll just put in for the day now and say, "the heck with it!" Yes, I think I will. Sister and Mom have plans for tea at Teaberry's - sounds like a lovely way to spend the day...

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