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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

30 Days of Lists 18

If I Won the Lottery...

It's funny, but I'm absolutely convinced that some day I WILL win the lottery.  Why shouldn't I?  I'm nice enough, I want to do good things with the money, I don't want to win hundreds of millions of dollars, just enough to do what I have planned...

I'm not worried about leaving money behind, or leaving a legacy or an endowment, although that's nice enough if there's money left over...

Here's my plan:  win $10million, get $5million.  And here's what I'd do with my money:

  1. Pay off my sister P's house and give her some money
  2. Buy my sister C a place to live, or pay off her house if she's already in one and give her some money
  3. Pay off DSD's house
  4. Put money away for a future grandchild for college
  5. Put money away for J and A to finish school and give them a small sum to play with
  6. Renovate Mom's house and make any and all repairs and give her money
  7. Go to Disney World and Universal Studios and Sea World
  8. Quit my job
  9. Find a volunteer job, something to do with literacy or children's reading; if it's a paid position, that's bonus
  10. Here's my splurge:  put cable and wifi in the lakehouse so we have it on the weekend (or whenever we go, since I won't be working it might not be the weekends)
  11. Buy furniture as I need it
  12. Make a nice donation to both of my churches
See?  Nothing elaborate, nothing extravagant.  I don't want or need designer clothes, or big name cars.  I wouldn't move or renovate my homes; I like them just fine. 

Yea, I might go on another vacation or two a year, maybe one of those last minute cruises that you book just a few days before, or a trip with our friends G and M when they travel.

I'm not looking to shop in Chanel - I'll probably still shop Walmart or Target or Kohl's.  I won't get a new car until my 2005 Hyundai needs to be retired, and then it will probably be another Hyundai.  I like diamonds but I won't be dripping in them.  Hubby will most likely still take a part-time job at Home Depot or Costco or Lowe's, whoever will hire him.

If you add up what I have on my list, it probably won't even use up 1/2 of that $5million, so sure, if there's some money left over when I kick it, I'll leave some to everyone and a little to my grammar school and my college.

Nothing big and flashy.  See?  I deserve to win.  So keep those fingers and toes and legs and eyes crossed, friends and family!!!

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