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Friday, May 09, 2014

30 Days of Lists 16

Things I Love about...  My Husband

I could have posted a list about "Things I Love about...  Pizza" but I'm not going to do that, as much as I love pizza...  If you know me, it's no surprise that I opted to make a list of what I love about J.  I struggle putting my love into words; I always sign my cards "I love you THIS MUCH!" but I don't tell him often enough how important he is to me.

So I'm going to go ahead and tell all of you!
  1. His big heart
  2. The way every child is immediately at ease with him (Pied Piper, anyone?!)
  3. The way he loves me
  4. That he puts me, our kids, and our families ahead of himself
  5. The way he struggles to understand what is going on with JIII
  6. That he still loves his job after 40 years
  7. That he's not afraid of hard work
  8. His patience
  9. His understanding
  10. His temperament - he's always so easy-going
  11. How everything we have we have because he worked so hard to get it for us
  12. That he always wants me there and doesn't need any "alone time"
  13. That he takes me riding on his motorcycle
  14. That he gets so startled when I wake him to take his glasses off his face after he's fallen asleep
  15. How he always remembers the recycling and the garbage
  16. How he doesn't mind doing laundry and cooking dinner
  17. That he doesn't mind me going to scrapping crops every couple of months even though it means he's stuck at the lake without a car (although we all know if he wasn't so "frugal" we could take two cars up there!)
  18. That he's so handy and is able to fix or build anything we need
  19. That he doesn't realize what a catch he really is
  20. That even after being burned so badly in his first marriage, he was still willing to take a chance on me
  21. That he worries about our nieces and nephews (on both sides of our family) as if they're our own kids
  22. That he built a cradle for E and a rocking horse for A
  23. That he helps all the neighbors whenever they need anything
  24. How he doesn't understand computers but can take a car engine apart and put it back together blindfolded
  25. That he's so loved and respected that everyone tells me what a great guy he is and how lucky I am to have him
It was easy to list 25 things, and I could go on, but perhaps my next list should be "How easily distracted I can get and how I'm perfectly willing to write a blog post rather than work..."

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