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Friday, May 09, 2014


This was a busy week.  I worked all 5 days so that's one reason, no time working from home, no days off...

But what I noticed specifically this week was that I really have LEARNed a lot this past year at work. 

I always felt, in previous jobs, fully capable.  I knew that I had LEARNed the job and could do it better than anyone else.

But I'm going to be brutally honest:  I'm not a salesperson at heart.  And that's what I do now.  It's a job.  And it's not rocket science.  But I could probably do a better job if I applied myself and LEARNed how to do it better.

And my company has apparently felt the same way (not just about me, though!) because over the past year they've offered us a lot of additional sales training.  Now they've laid off over 1000 employees in the past year, too, which to be honest, has me working that much harder, too, to avoid getting added to that list...

But as I've gone through the training, I've LEARNed that it's common sense, for the most part, and I think I have a lot of common sense.  So I've had a breakthrough:  I LEARNed that I can be a salesperson, that I "get it," that if I spend a few extra minutes thinking about whatever it is I don't understand, I CAN LEARN it and LEARN it well enough to be comfortable selling it!

I sort of always just felt the different programs would sell themselves if they were right for the customer, but I realized that they could never LEARN about those programs and decide if they wanted to buy them unless I LEARNed the programs and actually, consciously, SOLD them.

So I spent some time LEARNing our custom printing program, and our e-book program, and I'm LEARNing about our ELS program and our digital (non-e-book) offerings...  And my brain is working again!  I'm retaining information, I'm LEARNing all about these products!

Hey, Dad, like you said, "Use it or lose it!  And I'm USING it!!!!

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