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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This is a big one: I have LEARNed that I really enjoy not working every day.  These past three days, well, they were filled with rest and relaxation, sun and fun, BBQs and family.

And I have LEARNed that I am D.O.N.E. with wanting to work for a living.  I know I have to, because that whole "living" thing requires dollars and cents and unfortunately for me, I don't have a money tree in the backyard.  I don't have a sugar daddy to bankroll me and provide me with credit cards and bonbons.

But seriously, folks...  I have LEARNed that it's really easy to forget things you have LEARNed in the past, like BCC'g people on an email and sending ONE, instead of 200.  (Thankfully I re-LEARNed it only about 4 or 5 emails into the list...)

I am constantly LEARNing that I can LEARN new things and the same old things (over and over!) easily, even if I think it's not as easy as it used to be.

My dad and my grandfather used to say, "Use it or lose it."  And I think that applies here.  I have to consciously think and LEARN and the more I do, the easier it gets.

I decided to spend almost $100 on a time management/leadership program offered by Franklin Covey, through Amazon Local ($99 for $1599 value!).  I'm going to tell my boss and hopefully he'll tell me to T&E it but even if he doesn't, I assume I get some sort of certificate of completion that can be added to my portfolio; I'll even send a copy down to HR once I'm done...  It's based around the course I just took through them last month...  It was very basic; this online course will be much more in depth and will provide a lot more information and training.

I've LEARNed that I really have to step it up here at work, as much as I might not want to do it - just skating by with what comes easily isn't enough anymore.  I really have to go all out if I don't want to be the next in a line of 1200 who came before...  We laid off 1200 people over the past year, year and a half...  I don't want to be # 1201...

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