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Saturday, February 26, 2011

So far, one dress...

Okay, it doesn't fit, it's a little too big.  I had to hold it up so I didn't wind up flashing the internet...  but so far, this is my favorite dress for the wedding.  I really would prefer a brigher print, and I'm still going to look for another dress, but this one is in the running.
I know it would look a lot better with a tan, and without my sock peeking out at the bottom, and of course, if it fit, but I like it.  It feels comfortable.  It feels like me, rather than me dressed up.
Will keep you posted.
(And by the way, all of you who gave me great advice on those short cocktail dresses?  Thanks.  But now it seems the family is leaning toward longer dresses.
Of course, if I can't find one...


Miss Hope said...

I like this dress, but I see you in a brighter pattern for some reason. Like pretty pastels? ~sigh~ I'm so ready for spring/summer, I'm craving pastel colors.

cookiedough66 said...

I think this is lovely, the darker print says elegance for the occasion. Perfect for a location wedding! It looks long, not cocktail length!