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Sunday, February 20, 2011

He had nothing to do, so...

... he cut down a tree...
See those three trunks, right in the middle of the photo?
Well, you won't see the left one of the three anymore.
It's cut down for next year's firewood...

That's me, walking toward him, out on the lake. It was REALLY slippery out on the ice!

After 65+ degrees on Friday, the temperature dropped to 20+ degrees yesterday, and it was 17 degrees when we got up this morning. The water that was melted on the surface of the lake froze solid, and VERY smooth, so it was great for ice skating.
IF you ice skate.
Which I don't.
The ice is about 16"-18" thick, so it's safe to be out on the ice, but I admit I was surprised when that tree came down it didn't even make a dent or a crack in the surface of the ice...

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patrysia said...

I think BIL needs a hobby.... LOL