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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow!

They predicted flurries on Christmas Day about a week before the holiday. 
Then they withdrew that prediction.
Then all of a sudden they said we were going to get hit with a huge storm.  But "they" didn't say it very loudly here until AFTER my sister and mom in Arizona called and said the National Weather Service was predicting 8 inches, or something like that.
THEN all of a sudden "they" were saying 8"-12" or 12"-18".
Here's what we got.....

This is the view down the street from our front porch.  That's J snow-blowing our neighbor's sidewalk.

That's my car, after J started clearing it out this morning.

This is the scene out our back door, looking toward Sue's backyard.  That's my daughter's car on the left; it was totally not visible when J first went out to start cleaning up our property.

This is our deck.  That's a normal picnic table with snow up to the tabletop.  And there's about 15" on top of the table.  (Sorry about the poor photo quality - that's taken out the window over the sink so the screen is making it a bit blurry and dark.)

Here's my car again, with the driveway cleaned out a bit more.

This is Passaic Avenue, heading out with J to go to the doctor.  WHICH is ANOTHER story.  I called the service and they said the doctor would be there for appointments after 1pm.  So, 1:30pm is after 1pm so we went.  At 1:12pm.  At 1:30pm we were still the only ones in the lot.  So I called again and THIS time they said all appointments were cancelled.  So I asked why no one called and the service said they probably didn't take the appointment list home, and I said I hoped we didn't have an accident on the way home and the lady said she hoped I didn't, too.  Sort of takes the wind out of your sails when they don't snap back at you...  But I was annoyed.  It's not like I DIDN'T check...

Another view of Passaic Avenue, this time on the way out to finish shoveling Mrs. D's house, and Aunt Em's house.

This is the house next door to Mrs. D.  The neighbor won't snowblow straight through to where J finished shoveling by hand.  Nice guy, huh?  So when we went back J had to dig this out, too, along with the rest of the driveway.  See how deep it is?

A close up of how deep it is...

And here's Mom's house, with C coming out the side door.  She said the roads near her were full of spin-outs, stuck cars, accidents, etc.  Our route there was okay...  One car stuck on our street, and one having trouble getting up onto Passaic Avenue.

Hope you enjoyed the snow.  Hey, P, should "snow photos" be this month's theme??!!??  No?  Okay.  Lets's come up with another one, then...

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patrysia said...

Aha, we can do snow photos for January 2011 if you want--I have some photos of the rare desert snows, so let's do it. Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow!