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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa came early...

So I bought myself a Flip video camera for my b'day - I needed - NO - I deserved a little something special 'cause it was a BIG birthday - 5.0.  I just can't believe I'm 50 - I literally feel like I'm in my 20s or 30s. 

Okay, maybe I don't feel that way first thing in the morning when I'm struggling to walk upright to the bathroom.  And maybe I don't feel quite that young when I get up from my desk chair at work, after three hours of sitting in almost the exact same position, only to find that my hips HURT.

But for the most part, I still have that young mindset that people who are 50 are O.L.D.  I know they're not, but fifty????!!!!????  Thankfully many of my friends cashed those checks I sent and told me I don't look fifty.  But truly, those small lines and wrinkles?  I earned each and every one of them and I'm okay with them.  And I'm okay with getting older - after all, the alternative is not an option!

Anyway, back to the Flip camera.  Darling hubby reimbursed me for it so it really WAS a b'day present for yours truly!

Then there I was, sitting in front of my computer the other day and something else on Amazon was on sale, an electronic gadget I don't need, certainly not something I ever thought I wanted (NOPE, P, don't get all excited - I didn't buy myself a Kindle!), and I went for it!  I bought myself an 1&&%#)(.  I can't post it here until I break it to my husband.  But suffice it to say it's fun!  Or it will be, anyway, once I tell him I bought it, and then I start playing with it...  Tonight's the night - I'm telling him that I got it, then I can come out of that hidden-present-for-myself-closet!

I know I've been a less-than-stellar blogger of late, but I promise to post some photos, and some updates, over the holiday season - there will be lots to talk about - after all, Santa's coming...

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