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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Merry Christmas, Atheists!


This billboard does NOT give me a warm and fuzzy feeling this holiday season.

I am totally okay with you being an atheist.  I wouldn't want to BE you when you die, but okay, if that's how you feel, fine.

And I am totally okay with you having the right to post a billboard questioning the existence of God, or proclaiming your non-belief.

But I DO have a problem with you using images such as these, images so central and core to my belief system, to my faith, on that same billboard.

Want to put a photo of some clouds on it?  Okay.  A sky?  Okay.  A billboard that is text only?  Okay.

But to use those images, images that warm my heart and mean so very much to me?  NO EFFIN' WAY.  I'm not denying you the right to disbelieve.  I DO have a problem with you using those images on your billboard.

If there's a petition to be signed requesting this billboard be removed, I'll sign it.  Create some other billboard, one that does not use religious images, and I'm all for your right to post it.

So... here you go.  To quote the Catholic League:  "the light at the end of the tunnel."  THIS billboard is at the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel, while the one above is at the first.  At least now I have something to look forward to when exiting the tunnel!!

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cookiedough66 said...

The atheist board is so misleading, set up to look like the Christmas cards you see in Rite Aid or at the supermarket. Then you look close. The power of marketing. And the the Real billboard is set to look realistic. They made their point!