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Monday, October 11, 2010

Angie's Having a Baby!

There's this girl, her name is Angie.  And she's married to a great husband and she has an awesome stepson.  Like me, she always wanted her own baby, too, and they tried.  After a while Angie wrote this tremendous post about how they decided, as a family, to adopt.  And lo and behold, God was listening and they are getting a baby girl this month!

She has tons'o'friends but one of her best, Wendy S., is throwing her a blog baby shower today!  Wendy suggested we post something on our blogs as a little gift to Angie and link to the ***linky party on the Ella blog!  So here you go...

Angie, Wendy suggested if we had any baby advice we might want to post it for you, so here goes, straight from my mom:

     When you're single, you have no one to answer to but yourself.  (God goes without saying in this little speech!)
     When you meet The One and you get married, all of a sudden you should put your marriage first, your husband second, and yourself, well, get used to third place!
     When you decide you want children and you have them, you should be prepared to put your children first, your family second, your marriage third, your husband fourth, and you?  Okay, fifth place is looking okay...

Of course this advice needs to be taken as it is intended:  as a reminder that once you have children, it's no longer all about "me."  While there IS an "I" in family, you'll notice that it's WAAAYYY toward the end of the word!!!  Of course the basic idea is that now there's this baby who relies on you for everything, and you had better be prepared to give everything you have to that baby.  And how lucky are you, Angie and Travis and Jeremy, that this beautiful new baby girl is joining your family today!  Enjoy her and enjoy your new family!!! 

We are sending lots of cyber-love your way, and prayers and congratulations!!!

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Angie Lucas said...

Krys, this is beautiful. Thank you! It was amazing to me how very quickly I was willing to put her every need in front of mine. That's such a blessing. And it's so true. We often find ourselves when we lose ourselves in loving and serving others. Blessings to you!