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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursdays #1

I missed last week's but have decided that I can, indeed, find things to be grateful for and I should, indeed, post them here for all to see.  (All 20+ of you who read this blog, that is!)

This is the brainchild of Elle's Studio and can I start by being grateful for their idea?!?  Take a visit over there to see what their readers are grateful for, but if you only have a minute or two, well...

I'm grateful for:

My family - Without them I wouldn't know what love is.  Unconditional love.  Love that is unswerving, unending, and unforgettable.  I wouldn't have the two best sisters in the world, the best mom on the face of the earth, and the best dad in the universe, in heaven and on earth.
My husband - Even when he drives me nuts and makes me wish I had a mojito in hand, I wouldn't trade him for any other man.  He is a devoted husband, a phenomenal father, an awesome teacher, a wonderful son-in-law, a great brother/brother-in-law/uncle, and thanks to him, my family expanded to include the most incredible set of in-laws anyone could ever have.

My faith - I'm grateful for my God and to my God.  Without Him I would have nothing.  With His grace I am able to be strong when I need to be, and weak when I need to be.  I know that He is there for me and for mine, and I know when it feels as if I can't handle another thing, I can because He is there for me, and with me.

More next Thursday...

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