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Monday, October 04, 2010

Immigration and Illegal Aliens

I wouldn't be here today, or for any of these past almost 50 years if my mom hadn't come to the US from Poland, by way of Siberia, Kenya, the UK..., met my dad, gotten married and had me.  The thing is, she came here, applied for citizenship and is right proud of being an American!  I'm an American, too, a 1/2-Polish one, one of Polish descent, and proud of that, too.

But anytime I try to put words to feelings, I get all caught up in defending my opinion and guess what!  I don't have to do that here! 

This is my blog and I'm going to refer you all on over to Miss Hope's blog if you're at all interested in how I feel about these controversial issues.  Even within my family illegal immigration and illegal aliens can cause a loud and angry discussion. I'm not posting this here because I want any responses and I certainly don't want anyone of my few readers taking issue with Miss Hope. I'm just linking you on over to Miss Hope at Hope on the Edge so you can see what I would have written if I had any brain cells left over to help me put words together...  Please respect her blog and her opinions as much as I do.

I've closed comments on this post because, quite frankly, this is MY opinion and I'm not interested in debating it.  So come on back tomorrow when we'll be open for comments and discussing such cutting edge topics as the fall clothes I bought a couple of weeks ago, the beautiful christening I attended yesterday, and the new kitchen my sister is getting!!!

Thanks, Miss Hope!!!