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Monday, July 26, 2010

Woodbury Commons

Back when I was younger I could spend the entire day in a malll, just shopping my little heart out. 


Well, no.

We went to Woodbuy Commons today; both J and I took off from work to spend the day together in celebration of our annniversary yesterday...  He suggested we go up to Woodbury (about an hour's drive away), and just browse around.  The trip was a success - I picked up one Xmas present for friend E, a cute little 9-month sweatshirt and sweatpants outfit for baby E, and of course, the day wouldn't be complete if I didn't buy myself a pocketbook so I picked up one at the Fossil store.

It was a beautiful day, weather-wise:  bright and sunny without any humidity.  After the humid days we've been having (3 heatwaves in a row!),  it was a welcome day.

Can your legs be numb from the hips down, and still hurt???  And my feet?  I can DEFINITELY tell that I spent the day on them!  According to J's cheap pedometer, we only walked about two miles, but I really think we walked more...  We stopped at Applebee's for lunch, then heated up some leftovers when we got home, for dinner. 

I am going to sleep  like a baby tonight.  And I have made a new resolution for work:  I will work my tail off to try and keep the day under control, and when I come home tomorrow, if we don't go to the movies (2 free tickets every Tuesday night from our cable company), I'm going to lay down in bed and rest.  And rest some more.

And then I'll get up and do it again.

[Back to our regularly scheduled programming....]

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