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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drive By - What a Great Idea!

One of my favorite design blogs is The Inspired Room.  Melissa has awesome taste, and this?  This is one of her best ideas!  She likes to drive by and take pictures of houses that appeal to her, or perhaps it's a picture of a special characteristic of the house (the color of their front door, for example). 

Well this house is about 4 miles from my home, on the way to the hospital; unfortunately we've had to pass it too many times!  Every time I pass it I swear I'm going to take a photo of it because although the Tudor style doesn't do it for me, all those flowers do!!!

Melissa, thanks for the inspiration!!!

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patrysia said...

Beautiful! I made that lovely blue Victorian my desktop because I need to figure out a way to make living in something like that a reality. The flowers are breathtaking!